About Us

Welcome to Spending Crypto

Our team has been in crypto since 2016.

During 2017 we encountered many people that did not understand cryptocurrency and specifically they believed that people could not spend cryptocurrency in the real world.

We bought the domain spendingcrypto.com to highlight to the world that it is possible to spend the cryptocurrency you own. You can buy a boat, a house, gold, watches, and literally anything you want using cryptocurrency.

Here you will find how to


We are here to help you learn about the fascinating and exciting world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Our Services

Build Websites – Market Websites – Crypto & Business Consulting – Niche Marketing Campaigns – Social Media – Hosting – Content Creation

Web Design and maintenance

We build the exact website your business needs!
Static, dynamic, and decentralized .crypto website builds.

SEO & Online Marketing

Niche focussed and affordable marketing for your website.

Crypto and Business Consulting

Need help with understanding Crypto or need help with a specific problem? We explain Crypto in plain English.

Accept Crypto payments on your website

We set up Crypto payment systems so your website can accept bitcoin/altcoins for goods and services.

Social Media Marketing

We run your social media campaigns and marketing while you concentrate on your core business.

Website Hosting

We offer secure, affordable website hosting. Join us!

Visit our Crypto Spending Directory

View our listings of thousands of websites and businesses that accept bitcoin and crypto as payment. We have over 40 shopping categories.

Go on treat yourself, you’ve certainly earned it!

Book a holiday, buy a Rolex, Tesla, or Lambo, invest in Whisky, give to charity, purchase a property, and upgrade your over-worked computer.