Affiliate Links

What is an affiliate link?

Affiliate marketing is simply a means to reward someone for sending a person to another website.

When a referral clicks on a product or service on a website there is a small bonus (commission) paid out as a reward to the person sending them a new customer.

We really appreciate this as the occasional affiliate commission help us towards the maintenance, new content, and upkeep of this website. Thank you so much.

Does it cost me anything when I click on an affiliate link?

Absolutely not. It costs you nothing at all. The seller simply pays from their own pocket a small commission when the visitor purchases an item with an affiliate link.

Clicking a referral link can also save you money as sometimes a discount is passed onto you by the affiliate agreement.

Please Contact Us if you would like further information.

Would you like to earn a referral (affiliate) bonus from us?

When you send us a paying client for the following:
SEO and website marketing
Design and create a website
Our consulting services
We will pay you a 10% commission as a thank you.

Now you know how affiliate and referral marketing works first hand.

For more information about earning a 10% referral bonus please visit our referral page.