AI Transcription and Meeting Assistants

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Here (below) you can view our list of AI transaction and meeting assistants

Here (below) you can view our list of AI transaction and meeting assistants

What are AI transaction and meeting assistants?

An AI transaction and meeting assistant is a digital tool powered by artificial intelligence designed to streamline and enhance transactional processes and meeting interactions.

It leverages natural language processing and machine learning to assist users in managing transactions, scheduling, and organizing meetings more efficiently.

These AI assistants can automate tasks like setting appointments, handling transactional queries, and providing relevant information, ultimately improving productivity and facilitating smoother interactions in both transactional and meeting contexts.

AI Transcription And Meeting Assistant Platforms

Fireflies helps your team transcribe, summarize, search, and analyze voice conversations.


Airgram helps record, transcribe, summarize, and share meeting conversations. Maximize the value of both your internal and client-facing meetings.


Supercharge your online meetings with Voice Productivity AI. Krisp improves the productivity of online meetings with its AI-powered Voice Clarity and Meeting Assistant.

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