Bitcoin Fun Facts

There are many fun facts about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin! Here are five of the best bitcoin facts.

1. The Most Expensive Pizza Ever Bought!

The first known use case of Bitcoin was on May 22nd, 2010, and was used to purchase a Pizza at Papa John’s Pizzas. This is why May 22nd is known as Bitcoin Pizza day. The cost of the Pizza was 10,000 Bitcoin, which at the time was $41. One Bitcoin in 2021 reached over $65,000!

2. The Creator Of Bitcoin Is Unknown!

The inventor of Bitcoin is still a mystery. A few people have claimed they invented Bitcoin, but no one has yet proved it. Whoever created Bitcoin and the trillion-dollar industry used the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

3. Bitcoin Is NOT Anonymous – It Is Traceable!

Many people believe that the reason hackers use Bitcoin as a ransom currency is that it is untraceable – it is not. If someone knows a Bitcoin wallet’s address, they can see how much you have and all transactions that have taken place. It is difficult to trace, but not impossible!

4. Millions Of Bitcoin Are Lost forever!

In 2017 Chainalysis calculated that between 2.78 and 3.79 million Bitcoins are lost. Over the years, many early bitcoin miners lost their digital wallet access keys or hard drives.

In the early days, Bitcoin was only worth a few cents, and people didn’t take security precautions that seriously.

For example, James Howell from Wales threw his hard drive out containing his Bitcoins, estimated at over $350 million at the time.

5. No Corporation Owns Bitcoin!

No one owns Bitcoin!

No one owns it and it is totally decentralised. It can be regulated or banned by governments, but they cannot truly control who buys and sells it in secret.

Bitcoin was created to be outside the control of anyone and a currency for the people.

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