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Here You Will Find Companies That Will Help You Create A Copyright

Here You Will Find Companies That Will Help You Create A Copyright

Copyright is a law that gives the owner of a book, movie, song, photo, website, and more the legal right to dictate how other people use it.

For example, you take a great photo and then copyright it and if someone else wishes to use that photo they need your permission and usually have to pay to use it.

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Copyright Services And Information Listing

UK government

This is the UK governments direct website outlining everything about patents, trade marks and copyright.


A specialist service for all your copyright needs.


This is a UK company that helps owners get legal proof with their copyright registration.

EU copyright laws

This is a website that specialises in EU law and also has a section on copyrighting.


RightsDirect, provides global licensing and content solutions for companies.

Copyrights World

They offer instant strong copyright protection for the digital age. They have been around since 2009, and are the leading worldwide copyright protection and monitoring service.


Find stolen images and enforce copyright. They offer a reverse image search service.

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