Non Disclosure Documents (NDA)

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Do You Need An NDA Document? Here You Will Find Businesses That Will Help You Formulate An NDA

Do You Need An NDA Document? Here You Will Find Businesses That Will Help You Formulate An NDA

Non-disclosure agreements are often used in business to protect trade secrets and confidential information. These documents are often referred to as confidentiality agreements.

An NDA may include; client information, a new product, sales, and marketing plans, etc.

Why do you need an NDA agreement?


New products or inventions. An NDA can help protect a company or individual’s patent rights in case of public disclosure of a new invention or product is leaked, which can often void a patent’s rights.

Sensitive information. Often, the signing of an NDA is a promise between all parties involved not to divulge or realise information. Businesses may for example use this when buying a company and don’t want competitors knowing what the purchase price was.
Specify what information is allowed to third parties and what is not. During a negotiation for example an NDA will make it very specific what information can and can’t be divulged to a third party.

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NDA Business Services And Documents Listing

UK Government

The Uk government has a section on non-disclosure agreements. Use a non-disclosure agreement to keep your invention a secret when talking to others. Here you will find a fantastic list of NDA documents.

Non disclosure agreement

Here you will find NDA templates.

SEQ Legal

Here you will find a free NDA agreement to download and use.

Legal Templates

Free non-disclosure agreements covering many business sectors.

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