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Here You Will Find A List Of Virtual Assistant Business Services

Here You Will Find A List Of Virtual Assistant Business Services

A virtual assistant is an assistant that works virtually anywhere in the world.

Why hire a virtual assistant?

In this day and age, a virtual assistant can be a valuable part of your business. The primary benefit of hiring a virtual assistant is that it lowers your cost of operations.



You can hire per hour and from more affordable parts of the world.
They are often self-employed also and work from home which cuts down your liabilities as an employer.



Virtual assistants often work only a few hours a day for you as they also work for other organisations. They are highly proficient at helping you organise your workflow and utilise new technology.

Increased productivity

Virtual assistants are often highly qualified and experienced in helping with different businesses, this cuts down the need for training them. A simple orientation period is usually enough. By using a virtual assistant for certain aspects of your business you can free up your time to focus on expanding your business.


Virtual assistants often go far past being a secretary or pa and are often specialised in a diverse set of skills. For example, transcription, customer support, telemarketing, digital marketing, and even payroll.

Longer business hours

If you are based for example in London and your business conducts itself during those hours, having a virtual assistant can allow your business to literally be open 24 hours a day by hiring assistants from different time zones.


You can now pursue clients in Asia, or Africa, India, etc by hiring a bi-lingual assistant.

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Virtual Assistant Business Services Listing

Task Bullet

A virtual assistant will save you time, money and hassle.
Task Bullet have a wide range of virtual assistants to help you run your business more cost-effectively. Hire real estate, admin support, sales, lead generation, marketing and personal assistants here.

Virtual Latinos

Spend your valuable time growing your business, let an assistant take care of the rest. Hand-picked virtual assistants in latin America for entrepreneurs, Teams and Agencies.

This is your go-to virtual assistant service for Latin American.


Focus on growing your business, hire a virtual assistant. UK based.

Society of Virtual Assistants

A UK virtual assistant service with over 3,500 assistants.

Virtual Assistants

A UK based company offering virtual assistants for small businesses. Prices starting from £25 an hour.

Catch Friday

A London based virtual assistant company.


They offer a wide variety of virtual employees covering different business sectors.


Their staff work from well-supervised offices in the united States, India and Philippines.


Virtual assistants, bookkeepers, web specialists and social media strategists.

Out My Desk

A virtual assistant desk for corporate businesses.

Hello Rache

The No1 virtual assistant service for Medical, Dental, and Veterinary professionals.

24/7 Virtual

A US based virtual assistant platform.

Virtual Assistant Talent

Effective and efficient virtual assistants for entrepreneurs, real estate agents/investors, small business owners, and start ups.

Get Magic

Complement your existing team with experienced virtual professionals.

20 Four 7 VA

Hire a virtual assistant in a multitude of different business sectors.

Elite Virtual Assist

They help attorneys and small business owners with virtual assistants.


Premium virtual assistants, marketers, and more on a monthly subscription.

U assist me

Best virtual assistant services for your everyday business needs.

Premier Veba

Executive, creative and technical virtual assistants.

Virtual Employee

Hire dedicated virtual employees.


They offer a multitude of virtual assistants to match your business requirements.

Call Arup

Hire a virtual secretary from only $6 an hour.

Surplus Hands

Hire freelancers for any project.

Get Friday

They offer virtual assistants and business support services.

Virtual Assist USA

Hire an entire remote team on-demand.


Cape Town based virtual assistants.

Outsource Workers

An Australian based company that specialises in providing trained virtual assistants based in the Philippines for Real Estate businesses.

Priority VA

They offer executive VA services.


They offer a multitude of virtual assistant skilled workers for your business.


They offer virtual assistants that have experience in a number of different business sectors.


They offer skilled marketing assistant, property assistants, e-commerce and customer support assistants.

European Virtual Assistant

They offer virtual assistants from Europe.

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