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Here You Will Find News About The Tech industry

Here You Will Find News About The Tech industry

If you are interested in keeping up with what’s going on in the world of Technology, FinTech, blockchain, encryption, Ai, and more, then have a look at our list below of Technology focused websites.

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FinTech and Tech categories

Below You Will Find Our List Of FinTech and Tech News

Tech meme

A large news website covering tech and tech company news.


A great site with tech news articles.

Tech crunch

A fabulous news site that covers tech news and includes a great section on tech startups and what they are up to.


A tech news platform, including the latest news in the technology world.

The verge

A technology news website that also covers science.

Android authority

If you want to keep abreast of what is going on in the android sector this website specialises in this sector.

The next web

A huge website keeping up-to-date on everything to do with web and technology. This includes news on Apps, blockchain, crypto, gadgets, and tech.


A large well-known website covering product reviews, news on the main technology companies, finance, and more.

Digital trends

A technology website covering digital trends and recent technology developments.

Reddit tech news

Reddit is a very popular social media platform and here you will find great articles and comments about the tech world.

Gadgets 360

If you are interested in gadgets, then look no further, this is the gadget website for you.

Tech radars

This website is the source for Tech buying advice. Topics include, cameras, laptops, tv’s, phones, and more.

Tech spot

Techspot covers everything about the tech world for avid followers.

Tech republic

Tech republic covers the internet of things.


A tech news portal that covers, innovation, apple, Microsoft, hardware, and more.


A huge tech news site that covers gaming, how to guides, tools, tech news, and cyber security.


VB covers a lot of news about the gaming industry and also has a jobs board for people looking to work in the tech industry.


A tech news website about mobile, motherboatrds, storage, Intel, Gpus, Cpus and more.


If you are a Mac and apple enthusiast you will find everything that is happening in the Mac sector.


A tech news site with useful articles on which are the best technology products.

Apple insider

Keep up-to-date on everything that apple is up to.


CIO keeps you up-to-date on technological events and the IT industry.


Here you will often find new articles about the technology sector from freelance writers.

New atlas

A world news site covering the world of space, drones, latest deals, mobile technology, and more.

Geek wire

A large tech platform where you can read about amazon, Microsoft, space, startups, cloud tech, and more.

Slash gear

A tech news outlet that covers gaming and tech news.


Infoworld covers software development, cloud computing and machine learning.

Tech in asia

Fantastic website that covers the whole of the Asian tech industry.

Extreme Tech

ExtremeTech news covers gaming, space, phones and computing news.

BGR India

An Indian tech industry news site.


A news site covering technological news and also the internet of things.

Tech hive

Tech hive highlights tech industry news including home entertainment.

Beta news

A great news site showcasing news on windows, microsoft, apple, the cloud, linux, Android and security tech.

Tech viral

A tech news site covering the latest news on android, windows and PC tech.

The register

The register covers all sectors of the tech industry.


A news site covering tech news on AI, blockchain, FinTech, startups and more.


Finextra covers everything within the FinTech industry.


A tech news website that covers gadgets, gaming, events, tutorials, phones and computers.

Computer weekly

Computer weekly covers everything in the IT industry.

Redmond pie

A tech news site covering Microsoft, google, apple and the web.

Tech pout

A tech news website.


Gigaom covers cloud infrastructure, artificial intelligence and security and risk.


A specialist medical gadget news site.


If you want to keep abreast of what apple is up to, then this is your resource website.


Here you will find news about bitcoin, blockchain, telecommunications, cybersecurity and e-commerce.


Tech weez covers a multitude of tech news.


Eweek is a tech news platform where you will find news about the cloud, security, storage, mobile, networking and big data and analytics.

Tech news world

Here you will find news about tech worldwide.


Here you will find cybersecurity, emerging tech, artificial intelligence, it modernisation and more.


If you are interested in developer tech news this site will quench your thirst.


A news site covering startup funding, technology, online jobs and business finance.

The Encrypto

A tech news platform, including articles on encryption.


They cover general news and news on the technology, business and finance sectors.

Tech plugged

Here you will find news on tech and also auto tech.

Silicon beat

If you want to keep up on the tech goings-on in silicon valley this site is a good choice.

China tech news

A fantastic site about all the tech developments coming out of China.


If you are a fan of tech you will like this tech website.

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