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Here You Will Find News About The Robotics World

Here You Will Find News About The Robotics World

If you are interested in understanding more about the robotic industry and want to keep up with the latest news please have a look at the websites listed below.

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Robotic and Automation News Listing


A news website about everything robotics. They also have a learning and podcast section.

The robot report

A really interesting robotic information website. This really is a one-stop-shop for learning and keeping up-to-date in the world of robotics. They also cover robotics news covering the agriculture, security, defense, logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, and mining industries.


Read their articles about the robotic industry.

Robotic magazine

A robotics magazine that has a wealth of knowledge and articles covering literally every robotic sector. Read about, drones, toys, kits, software, AI, and popular news.

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