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Below you will find Cryptocurrencies organised into different investment categories.

Below you will find Cryptocurrencies organised into different investment categories.

There are over 10,000 cryptocurrency coins and tokens to research and potentially invest in and more are created each day.

This coin and token page makes it easier for new investors to find a token in a particular business field or niche.

Here you will find a large array of cryptocurrencies organized into different market sectors. From NFT’s, DeFi, Privacy, Gambling, Property, Blockchain, Memes, and more.

Each category below will take you directly to Coin Market Cap where they have organized all the available crypto tokens into different market sectors. When you click for example on the gambling link you will see all the coins you can buy that are involved in the crypto gambling sector. This makes it much easier for you to find a hidden gem in a sector you like.

Pro Crypto Tip

During a crypto bull run, there are often sector cycles just as there are in the stock market.

For example, NFT coins become the red hot sector for a few months and you can profit from jumping in and trading them. Once the NFT cycle comes to an end it may be time for DeFi tokens to suddenly be where all the money is pouring into.

Simply work out which sector/sectors are in favour and click the appropriate link below and you will be able to see all the tokens available to buy and sell within any crypto market niche.

We wish you the best of luck with your crypto investing!

Are you still confused about which sector to invest in and how?

We are here to help.

You can speak directly to our experienced Cryptocurrency consultants who are here to help you navigate this often slightly confusing (yet rewarding) investment sector.

We are here to help you with anything you want to know about the Crypto and blockchain market.

We help our clients understand how to buy and sell different Cryptocurrencies. We help our clients find the correct wallets to store their tokens in. We also help our clients understand the Crypto market sector as a whole.

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