Beginners Guide To Setting Up In Cryptocurrency Investing And Trading

Once you have registered with a crypto exchange and have a digital wallet you will need to save (pin) some important and useful crypto websites on your internet browser.

Below you will find our list of useful websites every crypto investor should be using.

Step 1


Live Market Prices And Portfolio Management

This is the first step you need to do so you can keep an eye on the price movements of coins and tokens you have invested into. You can also find new cryptocurrencies that you might like to buy and keep an eye on in the overall crypto market. Most these websites also have Apps.

We suggest you create and save these three websites below

Coin Market Cap

This is the first website you will use daily.

Here will find a list of all the cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin. You will also see live crypto prices, charts and, you can create a detailed (free) portfolio tracker to monitor all your crypto holdings.

View our cryptocurrency coin market cap coins and tokens categories.

Here is coin market caps official “how to” guide.

Coin Gecko

Coin Gecko is similar to coin market cap, but you will find some of the smaller, less known new cryptocurrencies listed there.

Coin Gecko FAQ guide.

Dex Tools

Dextools is very useful.

You will find new ICO and IDO tokens listed there as well as all other cryptocurrencies. This includes the small caps.

Dex Tools “how to” guide.

We find the bottom trading section of dex tools incredibly valuable as it shows you who is buying and selling (including bots) and you can also inspect the other trader’s wallets using etherscan.

It looks like this


Learn the basics of crypto trading and investing.

We recommend reading our basic crypto trading and investing tips page here.


Follow a few crypto news sites.

We suggest looking through our crypto news section and finding a couple of news sites to follow what is going on in the crypto market.


Crypto trading and investing resources. We have created a list of useful crypto websites that will help you invest and trade.


We have created a cyber security section that shows you how to protect your cryptocurrency from hackers and scammers.

All Crypto investor’s MUST use a VPN and Anti-virus software.

STEP 6 – Further steps

Visit our learn about crypto section.

Learn more about bitcoin, blockchain, and altcoins. Find crypto social media influencers, read books about this market, read our buzz words crypto dictionary, take a crypto course, and more.

Visit our crypto trading section.

Visit our crypto investing section.

Visit our crypto documentaries section to learn more about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

We wish you a safe and fun crypto investment journey!