Crypto and blockchain law firms in Asia

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Asia blockchain and cryptocurrency solicitors

Focus Law Asia

Singapore-based law firm. Their lawyers are heavily involved in advising companies and individuals on all aspects of blockchain, ICO and STO-related matters.

One Asia Lawyers

They have offices in many parts of Asia!
Their lawyers offer legal services for FinTech companies and existing financial institutions. They also offer a variety of legal advice on cryptocurrency, ICO’s, and blockchain-related matters.

Rajah & Tann Asia

A full service legal network spread over 10 countries in Asia and beyond. They also help companies with FinTech, blockchain and cryptocurrency matters.

Asia Law

A great article and website to keep up to date with crypto law.

Taylor Vinters

A Singapore-based tech law firm. They also have offices in the U.S. and the U.K. They cover all tech law including blockchain, FinTech, regulations, IP, Tech licensing, payments, adoption, acquisitions, and more.


A Singapore-based law firm. They help with blockchain, cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings matters.

Duane Morris & Selvam

A Singapore-based law firm. They help clients with FinTech, ICO’s, token structuring, white papers, KYC, blockchain and cryptocurrency legal matters.


A Singapore-based law firm. They represent Binance crypto exchange as one of their clients! They help clients with crypto trading, token issuance, ICO and STO legals, tokenisation, licensing, KYC, structuring, and more.

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