European Crypto Legal Firms

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Europe blockchain and cryptocurrency solicitors


Law offices in Bratislava and Prague. Their legal team is here to help you navigate the cryptocurrency frontier. Establish a business, tax issues, trademarks and patents, permits and licenses, ICO fundraising, legal assistance and consulting in the blockchain and crypto space.

FinTech, blockchain and cryptocurrency Switzerland

Here you will fins a list of blockchain, FinTech and cryptocurrency lawyers based in Switzerland.

NJORD Law Firm

Offices in Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

They help with legal matters relating to KYC, Cryptocurrency, e-wallets, exchanges, transactions, blockchain applications, ICO’s, crypto gambling, regulations, crowdfunding and investing, and more.

Loyens Loeff

Offices all over the world and in Europe. Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Luxembourg, Paris, Rotterdam, Zurich. They help clients with blockchain related legal matters.


An Italian-based law firm.

They are the first law firm to create a dedicated team to assist clients on all legal, tax, and regulatory aspects related to the offer and intermediation of crypto-assets, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and more.


An Austrian-based law firm that helps clients in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

RLP Lawyers

A law firm based in Liechtenstein who help clients with blockchain projects, including ICO’s, STO’s, crypto exchanges and opening bank accounts.


An Ireland and U.K based law firm helping companies in the blockchain, Tech and cryptocurrency space.

Lawyers Poland

A Polish law firm that helps clients open a blockchain and cryptocurrency business in Poland.

Herbert Smith Freehills

Offices across Europe and Asia. They are one of the few leading international law firms to have expert and dedicated technology and digital teams.

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