Crypto And NFT Memes

10 popular and funny NFT and crypto memes – and where to find them.

Anyone who’s been in the crypto or NFT space for a few months will have seen the weird and wonderful memes posted across social media.

Here are ten of the most popular memes over the past few years

1. One of the funniest and most apt memes in crypto is this one, and with good reason. The crypto and NFT market never sleeps, and neither do many investors!
2. Known as Murphy’s law.

Crypto and NFT investors often hold onto a token or NFT for months watching it fall in price, only to finally give in and sell. The next day the token or NFT doubles or triples in value.

3. NFT and crypto investors are notorious for refusing to spend fiat in real life, yet spend thousands on a digital picture or dog-themed cryptocurrency token.
4. This may seem like a joke to many, but in 2020 Ethereum gas fees went into the thousands of dollars per transaction. This meme depicts Ethereum investors pain back then.
5. One of the earliest Bitcoin memes was this one. It is still one of our favourites.
6. We all wish we could go back in time and buy Bitcoin when it first came out. Hence this meme became popular!
7. All crypto investors have sat staring at the price chart of their cryptocurrency as it plummets in price and thought to themselves – it will go back up again!
8. This meme became popular when the crypto market started dropping, and crypto holders debated selling, and others told them not to.
8. One tweet from Elon Musk back in 2021 could move the entire market up or down. It became so bad that anonymous did a video warning Musk to stop.
10. In 2021 people were quitting their jobs because they were making life-changing money trading NFTs.
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