Cryptocurrency Custody Solutions

What is cryptocurrency custody?

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Cryptocurrency custody services is usually used by institutions, hedge funs, RIAs, family offices and high net worth individuals looking to store their cryptocurrency assets. They offer independent security and storage solutions for holding large amounts of cryptocurrencies.

These solutions usually involve a mixture of hot and cold storage options.

Custody services is a niche business sector and there are as you will see below already some established frontrunners that control the majority of the cryptocurrency custody market.

Mainstream banks are also looking very seriously at entering the cryptocurrency custody and loan market sector.

A few thing to understand if you are looking into using a cryptocurrency custody service


It is advisable to only use a reputable company that is insured and regulated.

You will have to trust them with your crypto holdings.
Some custody companies allow staking and so you can receive a monthly income.
Some custody companies allow you to lend out a percentage of your holdings and receive an income.

Below is our list of crypto custody service providers


Crypto Asset Custody for Institutions.
Coinbase offers staking and offline storage.
Coinbase Custody operates as a standalone, independently capitalised business to Coinbase. All assets are segregated and held in trust to protect their clients.


Cold storage available.
Staking and airdrops and voting available on your crypto assets.
They offer a buy and sell crypto in-house brokerage service.

Kingdom Trust

Designed for hedge funds, RIAs, family offices, high net worth investors and financial institutions.


Buy, sell and store your bitcoin and cryptocurrency.


Modern custody for cryptocurrency assets and security tokens.
Secure over 250 different cryptocurrencies with 100% cold storage technology in a bank-grade class 3 vault.


Asia’s leading digital asset platform.
Insured custody for digital asset holding, including comprehensive protection of customer assets for both hot and cold wallets.


An integral custody and open finance service for institutional clients and accredited investors to manage digital assets in a secure, insured and compliant way.


A New York state trust company with an insured cold storage facility.


Overing warm and cold wallet storage facilities. They even have 24 hour armed security at their warehouse.


Secure custody for institutions. Industry-leading, insured digital custody and institutional-grade secure cold storage.


Tangany is a German custody provider for blockchain and crypto. They offer a reliable solution for crypto wallets and infrastructure to the most popular blockchain such as bitcoin and Ethereum.


Save your Bitcoins, Ethereum and ERC20 tokens.
The European crypt0-custody service that you have been looking for your digital assets.

Knox custody

Insured Bitcoin key storage. Insured to the full value of holdings for the risk of theft and loss, including collusion.


The banking gateway for digital assets. Custody, clearing and settlement, lending and staking services.


A modern asset custody for institutions.


End-to-end secure custody architecture for crypto assets. Client segregated cold storage combined with live trading accounts provide complete control over the custody and transmission of digital assets.

Bitcoin Suisse

Peace of mind cold storage of crypto assets in Bitcoin Suisse Vault.

Aegis Custody

Founded in 2018, Aegis custody is a San Francisco finch company that provides financial institutions with a secure and easy to use solution for custody of Digital assets.

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