Decentalized (DeFi) Crypto Wallets

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Here you will find our list of the best known decentralized cryptocurrency wallets for you to store your cryptocurrencies in

Here you will find our list of the best known decentralized cryptocurrency wallets for you to store your cryptocurrencies in

DeFi Wallets Explained

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is one of the biggest use-cases of blockchain technology and smart contracts. Simply put, DeFi is decentralized financial services built on top of blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency DeFi wallets simply allow users to store their funds without the intermediation of a third-party institution.

The core aspects of a DeFi wallet are


Key-based. Users hold and access their private keys.

Accessibility. They are accessible to anyone anywhere in the world.
Non-custodial. Completely decentralised and users have complete ownership of their funds.

Our DeFi Crypto Wallet Directory


A crypto wallet and gateway to blockchain apps with over 1 million users worldwide.
Buy, store and send tokens globally.

My Ethereum Wallet (MEW)

Ethereum’s original wallet! Anyone who was investing in ICO’s back in 2017 and 2018 knew this wallet. Open-source and completely free.


All your digital assets in one place.

Trust wallet

Buy, store, view prices, exchange and earn crypto. Over 5 million users.


Buy, store and earn crypto with unprecedented simplicity and safety.


Decentralised finance, at your fingertips. Now includes a debit card.


Built in exchange, option trades, cold wallet and multi-blockchain wallet.


A simple and secure smart wallet for crypto. Store and send; earn interest and invest.

Alpha wallet

Open source wallet for businesses and users. Alphawallet is a production-ready and easy to customise white-label wallet for your business.

HB wallet

An all in one Ethereum wallet launched in 2017.

Gnosis Safe

A multisig Ethereum wallet.

Button wallet

Send crypto in Telegram messenger. Cross-platform cryptocurrency wallet. Simple, easy, fast.


The mobile wallet for decentralised finance. Borrowing, lending, exchange and native in-wallet staking for everyone. Start building your passive income strategy now.


An institutional-grade wallet to manage your digital assets.


The simplest, most secure and near instant way to pay your friends and your every day items.

Coin 98 Wallet

Coin98 Wallet is a leading multi-chain wallet and DeFi gateway, designed to seamlessly connect users to the crypto world in a safe and secure manner.
Over 400,000 wallet users! Mobile App available.

Phantom Wallet

Phantom wallet is the go-to wallet for the Solana blockchain. Store SOL on this wallet as well as Solana NFTs.

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