Crypto Lightning Wallets

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Here you will find a list of Bitcoin lightning wallets to store your bitcoin in

Here you will find a list of Bitcoin lightning wallets to store your bitcoin in

What are lightning wallets?

Lighting is an open-source retail payment system that has been built on top of the bitcoin blockchain.

It is designed to enable lightning-fast and cheap payments at a much faster speed and a much cheaper cost than the current network.

The lightning network will retain the same level of security as bitcoin enjoys now and enable bitcoin to scale so that it can become a real payment system that shops and businesses can use.

Below you will find the most well known lightning wallets


Zap is non-custodial. Transactions work on the lightning network which ensures they are instantaneous and inexpensive. Open source bitcoin wallet.

Wallet of Satoshi

The world’s simplest lightning wallet and extremely easy and fast to use.


Phoenix runs natively on lightning and your payments are cheaper and faster.


Lightning fast bitcoin payments. Breez aims to drive bitcoin adoption in everyday commerce by providing a seamless bitcoin usage.


A Bitcoin and lightning wallet offering secure and fast spending, with the added bonus of unfreezable funds which means you can’t be locked out of your wallet.


Connect your bitcoin/lighting node over VPN or Tor. Make payments on the go with the lightning network.


Brings users the power of lighting to the web with in-browser payments and identity, all with your own node.


Design a crypto wallet for your business. Built and maintained by Bitfury.

Blue wallet

Seamlessly use the lightning network for payments.

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