Cryptocurrency Paper Wallets

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Here you will learn how to create a bitcoin paper wallet

Here you will learn how to create a bitcoin paper wallet

Paper wallets are old school, but very relevant even today because they are completely immune to hacker attacks.

The Winklevoss Twins, the world’s first Bitcoin billionaires store their bitcoin fortune on paper wallets! They created bitcoin paper wallets, cut the private keys in half, and opened up many bank safety deposit boxes.

What are Crypto paper wallets?

Paper wallets are crypto cold storage wallets. Once created paper wallets can be laminated, cut into pieces, and stored in different bank safety deposit boxes across the country if you so wish.

Paper wallets are very simple to create and free.
You will however need a very safe place to store them because if anyone found them they have your private keys and thus access to your bitcoin.

A paper wallet is a software program that generates a set of public and private keys that are printed directly onto a piece of paper along with a QR code and kept offline. If you lose your paper or the ink fades you lose your bitcoin.

When you do create a paper wallet you can laminate it and remember to delete your computer and printer history directly after you have created a wallet.

Some investors if they are looking to store for example a few bitcoin long-term and do not need access to it for some time use a sealed time capsule and bury it in their garden. Very similar to how pirates buried their treasure many moons ago.

Paper wallet tip

One word of caution, do not buy paper wallets from Ebay or other sites, only you must create your paper wallet!

Here you can create a bitcoin paper wallet



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