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For Domain Name Buyers

We have kept it very simple for buyers to contact a domain name seller. You do not need to sign up, simply email, or phone the seller directly from the listing contact details.

For Example

Our involvement in the sale

We do not get directly involved in any sales here, we simply list our members domain names for sale and let the buyer and seller arrange the rest.

The price of domain names is is US dollars and may be a guide price or the exact price. We suggest contacting the seller directly to find out more and start negotiating.

How do you complete the process to buy a domain you like?

How you proceed when you find a domain you like is completely up to you and the seller. You can not actually buy a domain name directly from our site. We simply list the domain names so people can find one they like. Once you have found a domain you like and have agreed upon a purchase price you can decide how you wish to proceed.

Normally sales are either bought through an escrow service or more commonly the seller will set the price agreed upon for sale on the platform where the domain is registered.

For example:

  1. The seller lists their domain name for sale on our site to attract a buyer.
  2. A buyer likes the domain and negotiates a price.
  3. The seller has their domain name registered at godaddy domain site (or another of the mainstream platforms) and they now set their domain there for sale at the agreed upon price.
  4. The seller sends the buyer a link to the sale listing and the buyer starts the process to buy the domain using godaddys instant secure buying system.

1. View our listing

2. Contact the owner

3. Negotiate

4. Congratulation

Important notice
If you are buying a domain name without a third party we recommend that you use an escrow service to ensure that both parties are protected. As the buyer you can ensure that your money is only released when you take possession of the domain name.

Congratulations on the purchase of your new domain name

We wish you the very best for the future and we are here to help when you need us.

Our Web Design and Marketing services

We will help with any web design you need from a small tweak to a new full build out. We also offer SEO online marketing to help increase your websites traffic and sales conversion rate.

Our Website hosting service

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We look forward to working with you and helping your new business grow.

For Domain Name Sellers

We have created a domain name selling platform that allows our sellers to write a quick elevator (sales) pitch to our visitors when selling their domains.

All domain listings you add here are 100% free. We do not charge you to list here and we do not take any commission.

We receive more crypto-focused traffic to our website and you receive free advertising for your domain to crypto-focused investors. We see this as a win/win.

Important Selling Information

You must be the owner of the domain name you wish to list for sale here, or have permission to act as a broker for the owner.

Your domain listing will remain live on this platform for 12 months. After 12 months expires, you are welcome to re-list your domain again if it has not sold. When your domain sells please delete your listing here.

You can add as many domain listings for sale as you wish. They will need to be done separately.

When you post your listing add your email and/or phone number so that buyers can contact you directly.

You domain listing will automatically appear, usually within minutes. Start selling instantly.

1. Register an account

2. View our listing

3. Contact the owner

4. Negotiate

5. Congratulation

Creating a free account to list your domain for sale

You will need to create an account here in order to list and manage your domains.

How To Fill Out Your Domain Name Listing Form


Step One

Enter you email – You must do this. This email is the one you want potential buyers to contact you on.


Step Two

Enter your phone number if you wish to, but it is not compulsory. You can leave this blank if you want.

Step Three

Enter your crypto domain name and the (dot) extension. For example.

Step Four

Fill in the description box. You can write a sale pitch of what your domain can be used for and why someone should buy it.

Step Five

Select which category your domain name will be listed in for our visitors to find it. Please chose only one category unless your domain is relevant across another category also.

ImageIf your domain name is an NFT domain for example, add the NFT category.


Step Six

The first category you chose in step five will determine your main default category that your domain name will be listed in.

Step Seven

Here you can put a guide price in US dollars $.

You can leave this blank if you do not want to add a price. Some domain sellers prefer to add a guide price range or offers above X price in the description box instead – see step four.


Step Eight

Submit or preview your listing.
This is what your listing will look like

Social Media Share Buttons

You can share your listing across multiple social media platforms from here to help showcase your domain name for sale.


We will not be held responsible for anything that happens here between a buyer and seller. We recommend using a trusted escrow service to ensure the safety of both parties.

Privacy Policy
Terms and Condition

Good luck with the sale of your domain name and thank you for choosing our platform

We wish you the very best for the future and we are here to help when you need us.

Earn 10% commission

We offer 10% commission to anyone that sends us clients for SEO, marketing and Web Design work.

When you make a domain sale please mention our services and contact us so we can arrange your commission.

We will help with any web design you need from a small tweak to a new full build out. We also offer SEO online marketing to help increase your websites traffic and sales conversion rate.