Crypto Insurance Companies

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Here (below) you will find our list of insurance companies that insure your cryptocurrency funds

Here (below) you will find our list of insurance companies that insure your cryptocurrency funds

This section is for commercial businesses looking for insurance companies that offer insurance policies to protect your crypto funds and additionally your client’s funds. Some companies will also insure high-net-worth individual’s digital holdings.

Additionally, you will also find companies offering insurance products in the crypto world. This includes some firms working in the decentralised Insurance sector.


Lloyd’s offer a new insurance policy to protect cryptocurrency held in online wallets against theft or other malicious hacks.


They offer crypto businesses a secure method to secure crypto funds (including clients funds) and insure them through Lloyd’s of London.

Nexus Mutual

Nexus Mutual is a mutual blockchain P2P insurance platform. They provide insurance cover for smart contracts, and insurance against cyber attack events.

Great American Insurance

The first American insurance group to offer commercial cover for bitcoin to both commercial and government policyholders.


Decentralised insurance protocol to collectively build insurance products.

Protean Risk

Protean Risk offers risk management expertise with digital asset insurance, including crypto insurance to support firms operating in this complex and specialist sector.


The world’s first marketplace for tradable insurance policies.

Insure Token

Insure your crypto portfolio. A world-first DeFi Insurance System with staking power.


Armor is a decentralised brokerage for cover underwritten by Nexus Mutual.


Decentralized coverage. For smart contracts, stablecoins, exchanges, and more.


A decentralised insurance protocol offering secure DeFi insurance services.

Cover Protocol

A Peer-to-Peer coverage market. A platform where you can buy coverage on anything.


Insurance for decentralised finance. Trusted by institutions and DeFi power users to keep their assets secure. They provide security and comfort to institutions, DeFi users, and developers by protecting their assets and infrastructure against numerous threats. Investors may also participate in their yield farm and earn up to 24% APY.


Cryptocurrency Insurance

Super Script

Zero Cap

Coin Cover

Webull Pay


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