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What Is Crypto Angel Investing?

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Here (below) You Will Find Websites And Early Investing Platforms and Crypto-focused Projects to invest in

Here (below) You Will Find Websites And Early Investing Platforms and Crypto-focused Projects to invest in

Invest in a crypto or blockchain startup

Angel investors are wealthy and experienced individuals who want to invest in early-stage start-up companies.

An early investor is often well rewarded for taking the risk on an early-stage investment company.

Most Angel investing platforms and services will ask for a signed document from your accountant to prove you understand what you are getting into and that you have the funds to take these risks.

Most angel investors need to have at least a $1 million net worth (sometimes liquid) and be able to prove it.

We really hope you enjoy looking through these listings and hopefully finding the next fortune 500 company in years to come.

Good luck on your journey!

Below you will find Crypto & Blockchain Angel websites

Accelerated Digital Ventures

Their platform connects large institutional investors to leading early stage companies.

500 Startups

Most active early stage investor in the world. They create diversified tech portfolios.


Join the world’s largest startup community. Invest in startups and research the fastest growing companies. They have a list of Bitcoin Angel Investors here.

Satoshi Angels

Investing and mentoring the best seed stage startups in the area of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Angel investors

The angel investors opportunity. The angel team will work with investment community to identify cryptocurrencies/assets. They research the best crypto investments and negotiate with founders and large stakeholders to buy below market price.

Fund wisdom

A list of blockchain angel investors and venture fund managers.


An extensive list of the top cryptocurrency seed investors.


Angel investors network, connecting investors worldwide.


iAngels offers investors worldwide, access to this asset class through their platform.

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