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Here You Will Find Avatar NFTs, Platforms, And Services

Here You Will Find Avatar NFTs, Platforms, And Services

To play in a metaverse and some blockchain games you will need to create an avatar. Some avatars come in the form of NFTs and there are specialist websites that will help you create a realistic digital avatar that looks just like you.

Create an Avatar


Create your avatar: Build your metaverse presence.

Ready Player Me

Cross-game avatar platform for the metaverse. One avatar, many worlds to explore. Create your avatar and explore virtual worlds with one consistent identity. It’s your passport to the metaverse.

Facebook Avatar

A guide to creating your avatar for the Facebook metaverse.

Wolf 3D

Create an avatar from a single photo. Bring your users into the game. Create better experiences. Stand out from the crowd.

SP Studio

The SP-Studio is the biggest create-a-character tool online, and even 19 years after its launch there are updates with new content. Create a cute cartoon- look-a-like of yourself, friends or celebrities and dress it up! It’s easy to use, but offers endless options for customization.


Your personal emoji. They will create you a unique 3D avatar maker including outfits.

Avatar SDK

Lifelike avatars for the metaverse.


OSUVOX is a collection of 10,000 unique 3D avatars living on the blockchain. Each Osuvoxian is interoperable and can be used within multiple metaverses.

DNA Block

We enable Web3 creator communities to design and mint NFT collections of truly custom photorealistic 3D avatars, environments and cinema-quality animated content with no code or animation knowledge.

Voice Mod

Whether you want to bring your in-game character to life or complete your online persona with a signature voice, your unique sonic identity is just one click away! Find out how to create your own Voice Avatar for the Metaverse with Voicemod.
Just like visual avatars in games, online forums, and social platforms, voice avatars are a representation of your digital identity. By creating and using your Voice Avatar regularly, other users will be able to recognize you across different games and chats instantly by the sound of your digital voice. With Voicemod, you are in control of how you are heard.

Crypto Avatars

CryptoAvatars lets people buy 3D avatars as NFTs and use them across multiple virtal worlds and streaming applications like Zoom.


With MiT Avatar users have great opportunities to monetize their creations by selling premium avatar skins and assets to end users in the app’s Marketplace, while for developers it is completely free.

Avatar Maker

Free avatar maker. Create your own avatar for free in 4 different styles.

Avatar Maker

Create your own character avatar from wide variety of options. Cartoonify yourself hassle free. Replace your photo on social media sites, forums or chat programs with your own created cartoon avatar.

Doppel Me

With DoppelMe you can create a cool graphical likeness of yourself, your friends, family or any group of people for use as an avatar in forums, instant messenger, blogs, email signature and almost anywhere else on the web.


Create an avatar from a single photo. Style your avatar. Explore the virtual universe. Stand out from the crowd.

Appypie Design

Free Avatar Maker to Create Your NFT Avatar from Photo. Appy Pie’s Online NFT Avatar Creator to Make an Avatar for Anime, VRChat, VTuber and Cartoon of yourself.


Create your own avatar character with our free avatar maker. Create characters, cartoons and anime profile photos with our simple to use avatar maker – it’s 100% free and no sign up required.

Mobile Flame

Avatar & Cartoon Maker App.


A NFT specialist website with an article explaining NFT avatars.


What is an NFT avatar and how to get one?

NFT Avatar Maker

Create NFT toon avatar and start selling them on NFT store design your own avatar in very easy way by this app.

Twitter NFT

A twitter NFT avatar maker. Create a HEX avatar for your twitter profile picture.

Union Avatars

Start shaping your virtual identity with our Realistic Avatar Maker! The only thing we need is your email and a selfie. You will get a realistic avatar of yourself to start discovering the metaverse’s new worlds or use in social media, VR platforms or even in VRChat.

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