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Here You Will Find NFTs With DAO’s

Here You Will Find NFTs With DAO’s

NFT DAOs Funds Listing

Fearless Bulls

They are the largest community based NFT fund on Solana! Fearless Bulls Club is a collection of 10,000 NFTs that grant you access to an eclectic bull-pen filled with entrepreneurs, artists, developers, trading wizards, and above all else, degens; where friendship has been fused with art, music and culture. Utilizing our proprietary trading methodology to buy, sell, and hold a basket of blue chip NFTs, we are able to realize superior returns for our community versus the average Solana investor.

DAO Directory

A specialist directory of all the NFT DAO’s.

Explore Daos

A huge list of hundreds of DAOs!


Founded in 2019, Sfermion is an investment firm focused on the non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem.
Our goal is to accelerate the emergence of the open metaverse by investing in the founders, companies, and protocols creating the infrastructure and environments that will form the foundations of our digital future.

Meta 4 Capital

We are an investment firm employing a thesis-driven approach around the immersive internet, with an eye towards how blockchain technology reimagines ways in which “capital” can be transmitted and “value” harnessed. We believe non-fungible tokens are the gateway to a thriving Web 3.0.

Wave Financial

The NFT Fund invests in NFT collectibles, platforms, and protocols.

Canary Collection

They collect NFTs.

Alphaverse Capital

A multi-strategy vehicle that will focus on acquisitions of digital property, in-game assets, passive income generators, art and collectibles, DeFi integrated NFTs, utility and reward based NFTs, AI NFTs, identity tokens and royalty streams. It will also focus on investing in the tokens underpinning the ecosystem, such as gaming assets, infrastructure, metaverse related tokens and utility tokens that shape the fabric of the burgeoning NFT economy.


We plan to deploy at least 80% of the fund’s capital in the first 6 – 9 months as we find protocols that fit with our thesis. We will identify and select leading NFT networks through our networks and communities. We’ll be working directly with the teams we invest in to help them become a core piece of the NFT ecosystem long-term. INFINFT’s team will strategically invest in protocols and use-cases which it will in-turn leverage to experiment and continue to push forward the NFT ecosystem.

121G Fund

121G is a NFT venture fund that invests 20-200 ETH into high quality projects. We focus on vetted founders with real-world experience, who are building amazing products.

Kuto capital

Kutoa Capital is digital asset investment firm led by father and son team Dean and Maxwell Karlan. Launching in 2022 into digital, we help clients invest in digital assets, and focus on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrencies. Kutoa aims to be a pioneer in the art of investing in digital assets and will be using a wide variety of strategies, both short-run and long-run, and both quantitative and subjective.

First edition

They invest in rare NFTs.

Accelerate shares

Accelerate NFT Fund will provide investors with secure and diversified exposure to the nascent $40 billion non-fungible token (“NFT”) market. NFTs are a new cryptocurrency asset that combine digital art with blockchain and social network elements.


NFTs evolve and ascribe value in the hands of artists, game makers, metaverse creators or dwellers, and DeFi at large. FLAMINGO aims to support, purchase, archive, collect, and potentially tokenize important pieces of this ecosystem.

Neon Dao

NEON will help support and build out the vision of the metaverse. The future of the internet is infinite-scalable virtual worlds with their own architecture, avatars, events and more—all supporting their own economy and digital identities. NEON is a collective to support this growing ecosystem.

Fingerprints DAO

Fingerprints is a global community that champions blockchain art. We collect artworks that explore the creative possibilities of blockchain and commission new projects by leading digital artists.


ReidarDAO is a decentralized investment group with 75+ partners focused on allocating capital to web3 assets.

Art Dao

Arts DAO is a collectors DAO and Web 3.0 business which constitutes of the following 3 pillars: Community – Largest Web 3.0 Community in the Middle East. Consulting – Web 3.0 Consulting & Advisory. Capital – Collective Capital Investments & Art Collection

Palm Dao

PalmDAO is here to push the metaverse forward. We collect the best NFTs and create game-ready assets around them. Think avatars, buildings, music, wearables, vehicles, weapons, emotes, and much more. DAO members are able to utilize those assets in Nifty Island and in other game worlds. Think of PalmDAO as a community of metaverse pioneers, a collector DAO, and a decentralized studio for stellar game-ready assets all in one.

Coin Market Cap

A list of all the DAO tokens.

NFT Calendar

A list of the DAO NFT collection drops.

NFT List

Browse upcoming NFT drops, events, etc of DAO’s.

Decentra List

A list of DAOs.

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