Land NFTs

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Here You Will Find Real Estate NFTs To Purchase

Here You Will Find Real Estate NFTs To Purchase

Many metaverse and blockchain games allow you to invest and buy land parcels and different types of property in the form of NFTs. Some even allow you to earn a real income from them in the form of advertising and staking.

Land NFT


Buy and rent virtual land in one of the largest metaverses.

Somnium Space

A virtual reality world where you can buy virtual land NFTs.


A GTA style virtual world where you can buy and own land and business NFTs. Rent your land or create a real business inside their metaverse.

The Sandbox

Own land NFTs inside this huge metaverse.

NFT Worlds

Buy virtual NFT land and create, play, explore, earn.


Buy land NFTs in their metaverse game.

Worldwide Web

Buy land NFTs and play inside their game.

Next Earth

The first true land ownership platform in the metaverse.


Highstreet bridges the physical and digital worlds with a brand new MMORPG. Highstreet provides real products with additional utilities by turning them into in-game items like land and shops you can own or rent.


Buy land NFTs n this exciting metaverse game.

TCG World

Metaverse NFT land for sale.

Coin Market Cap

Huge list of metaverse games. Many have NFT land parcels for sale.


A programmable 3D multi chain metaverse that allows you to buy and own land NFTs.


A huge list of all the major land NFT collections you can buy using the worlds largest NFT marketplace.

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