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Here You Will Find Platforms With Information About Minting FREE NFTs!

Here You Will Find Platforms With Information About Minting FREE NFTs!

Mint An NFT Listing

NFT Mint Radar

Upcoming NFT Mint Calendar. Don’t miss out on future NFT drops by checking out our free NFT minting event calendar. Check our Free NFT Mint Calendar for upcoming NFT mint, sale, giveaway or significant news. They have NFT mint lists for every blockchain. Including, ETH, SOL, ADA, AVA, Polygon, Binance, and more.

RA RiseAngle

They have an NFT calendar. They also have a section for FREE NFT minting!

What’s Minting Live

Trending free-to-mint NFT projects.
Live Ethereum on-chain activity transformed into actionable insights.

NFT Drop Calendar

FREE NFT drops! An organised and categorised list of free to mint NFT drops.

NFT Stats

They sometimes list FREE to mint NFTs.

Coin Rivet

Discover NFTs to mint. Some are FREE to mint!
This platform does some DYOR and verifies the NFT collections.

NFT Calendar

This popular NFT calendar platform sometimes lists FREE NFT mints.

Airdrop Alert

Upcoming NFT airdrops and FREE mints to claim.


They have a list of upcoming Free mint drops.


A free guide from the popular NFT marketplace about minting free NFTs.

NFT SOL Calendar

A specialist NFT calendar for Solana NFTs. They list some free NFTs.

Howrare Is

A Solana NFT drop site. Some NFTs are free to mint.

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