NFT Analytic Tools

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Here You Will Find Tools To Help You With Your NFT Investing

Here You Will Find Tools To Help You With Your NFT Investing

NFT Analytics Listing


An NFT analytical platform for Solana and Near NFTs.
Floor price, numbers of items and holders, NFTs on sale, and more.


An NFT statistical rarity tool for Solana NFTs. Indexes new NFT collections in real-time.


A real-time NFT rarity tool.


A powerful NFT research platform.


A solana NFT sniping platfrom. You need to buy one of their NFTs for access.

The Third Web

A solana NFT stats and NFT collection tool.

Solana Floor

The home of Solana NFTs. Find the top and most popular NFT collections and analyze the current state and growth over time.


Trade across all Solana NFT marketplaces at once!

NFT Eyez

A simple tool to view all assets held by a specific Solana wallet address.


Track Solana NFT sales, listings, price drops, bids, etc on collections.


Free to use Solana NFT analytics and trading tool outlining trending collections. Search by traits, recently listed, delisted, bought, etc.


Explore and track Solana NFT community activity in real-time, including sales, listings, etc.

Crypto Slam

Daily statistics on blockchain NFT sales, collections, rankings.


React time crypto and NFT insights. Follow the Smart Money, see where funds are moving to, identify new projects or tokens, and trace transactions down to the most granular level. You need to pay to join.

Ninja Alerts

Reals-time NFT trade alerts, wallet tracking, NFT project previews.

Icy tools

See what NFTs are selling and snipe NFTs. Notifications too.

Nfsea tools

NFT watchlist, previews, rarity rankings, notifications, floor prices.

NFT OnChained

Ai-powered NFT market analysis. Portfolio manager. NFT rarity and rankings. Bargain under-priced NFTs.


Use this to track whale NFT holders and plays.


Get access to the nFT data and analytics you need to spot winning trades.


Find NFT collections, check their data, apply certain metrics, and track the progress of your favorites, straight from your personal portfolio!


Useful for collectors and traders. Whale alerts too.


Rankings and analysis for NFT collections. Discover the top NFT collections across multiple protocols including Ethereum, BSC, WAX and Flow.

NFT stats

Discover the top NFT projects and latest NFT drops
Make an informed decision which NFT to buy or mint with these insights. Find the top NFT projects, which new NFTs are dropping soon and what was the highest sold NFT for various collections.
Explore rarity and community strength for each project.


Tracking 25,000+ collections. High-fidelity data is available for all collections, from all the trending blue chips to the small alpha projects about to explode. tracks more collections than any other tool out there! All newly minted collections are added right away.


Metaverse & NFT Analytics. Ayzd helps you learn about the NFT and Metaverse drops. Biggest NFT project database, live news feed, top collections, powerful analytics, statistics & more.


The Best All-In-One. NFT Analytics Platform
Spotting NFT alpha by ranking, rarity, whale tracking, drops calendar and more!

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