NFT Insurance

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Here You Will Find Companies That Will Insure Your NFTs

Here You Will Find Companies That Will Insure Your NFTs

NFT Insurance


They are a British company that uniquely combines security technologies with insurance to shield digital assets for crypto companies and individual investors. They protect and insure your personal and business NFT collection.


Get Digital Asset Insurance tailored to your Portfolio
The first two-sided digital asset insurance marketplace. Request and provide insurance on a broad array of digital assets. They are offering a new service insuring your NFTs.

Tidal Finance

Tidal Finance is a project to establish a decentralized insurance marketplace in DeFi space to connect insurance sellers and buyers to cover smart contract hacks risk. Tidal offers the functionality to create custom insurance pools for one or more protocols. The main objective of the platform is to maximize capital efficiency and return to attract reserve providers, while offering competitive insurance premiums to attract buyers. They are entering into NFT insurance.

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