NFT Swap Platforms

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Here You Will Find NFT Platforms Where You Can Swap NFTs With Others

Here You Will Find NFT Platforms Where You Can Swap NFTs With Others

NFT swap platforms allow investors and NFT owners to swap one NFT for another rather than simply sell their NFT.

NFT Swaps Listing

NFT Trader

Swap your digital assets more secure, more social.


Swap NFTs here.


Swap NFTs with your friends. Safely swap from any NFTs to any NFTs with cheapest gas fee, and no platform fees for NFTs-NFTs swapping.


A decentralised NFT swap marketplace.

Swap Kiwi

Simple. Safe. Reliable. Your NFT swapping platform.
Swap NFTs for NFTs or NFTs + eth for NFTs

Famous Fox

Swap solana NFTs here.


Swap solana NFTs here.


Largest AMM for NFTs on Solana. Permissionless. Great platform to swap Solana NFTs.


Elixir is the next-generation, community-owned NFT trading platform powered by the Elixir fAMM, or Floor AMM. The fAMM is optimized to offer the best experience for trading floor NFTs. Traditional marketplaces aggregate sellers, forcing every seller to wait for a buyer. Other NFT AMM models, like sudoswap, pool buy and sell demand but still fragment liquidity and pricing because there are multiple pools per collection and each pool has only one LP. Because Elixir concentrates buy and sell demand for an entire collection into one market, you never have to wait for your NFT to sell or guess the floor price. The fAMM model also means Elixir’s prices will usually be the best prices across marketplaces.


Barter, reserve, swap NFTs! P2P direct NFT swap platform.


NFT P2P exchange development company for web3 businesses.

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