NFT Valuation

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Here You Will Find Resources To Help You Value An NFT And Find How Much It Is Worth.

Here You Will Find Resources To Help You Value An NFT And Find How Much It Is Worth.

NFT Valuation


Chose an NFT collection and get an estimate of any NFT.

Crypto Slam

A go-to NFT price and volume tracker. Think of this as the NFT equivalent of coinmarketcap. You can use this to help value your NFT.

NFT Valuation

Identify undervalued NFT investment opportunities. Data driven and backed by relative valuation. They have a NFT valuation calculator to help you analyse NFT projects and collections being minted or trade on OpenSea. Their NFT Valuation calculator is able to determine the potential valuation of a given NFT project or collection by using relative valuation.

Rarity Tools

The main go-to popular NFT valuation website! They specialise in showing investors how rare their NFT is and therefore help with the potential value of the said NFT.


Non-fungible token tracker for all ethereum-based NFTs. Investors can use this tool to track the complete history of NFTs and search for NFT distribution, transfers, minting, prices, and more.

Icy Tools

A fantastic NFT website that helps you spot NFT trends and sale prices in real time. Trending NFT collections by sales. See what’s selling and prices are updated in real time. This includes floor price, average sales price, sales volume, and the collections market cap. This information can be used to value an NFT in one of these collections.

Moment Ranks

ETH NFT valuations and rarity rankings for over 14,000 NFT projects! We make collecting NFTs easy and social. Hundreds of thousands of people use MomentRanks for data insights, social experiences, account valuations, and top-notch educational content.

NFT Value Tool

The World’s First NFT and metaverse pricing.
The first AVM (Automated Valuation Model)
for Metaverse Virtual Real Estate Assets and the Full NFT Market.

NFT Valuations

The primary project objective is to establish a robust and defensible methodology for calculating Non-Fungible Token (NFT) market capitalizations on an ecosystem basis. NFTs have grown rapidly in the arts and collectibles space in the last 9 months. As far as we know, our work is the first calculation of the value of all NFTs within a specific NFT ecosystem to create a “market capitalization” for that ecosystem.
The secondary goal is to establish a robust and automated methodology for valuing individual NFTs with relevant confidence intervals

NFT Total

Completely free NFT portfolio valuation tool.

NFT Pricer

The World’s First NFT Price Tool. The first AVM (Automated Valuation Model) for Digital Real Estate Assets and the NFT Market.

Harvard Business School

An article about how NFTs create value.

NFT Price Floor

They provide a snap shot of the floor price of popular NFT collections.


The world’s largest NFT data resource you can use to value your NFT or an NFT collection you are interested in. Includes past NFT market history.


Where NFTs meet DeFi. Upshot provides deep insight into NFT markets and unlocks a wave of new DeFi possibilities. They appraise NFTs and aim to be the zillow of the NFT space.

Value App

Track the value of any NFT portfolio in real time.

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