NFT Wallets

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Every NFT investor will need to store their NFT in a digital wallet to protect it. Here you will find cryptocurrency wallets that you can use to store your NFT in.

NFT Wallets Listing

Coinbase Wallet

One of the most well-known top wallets for NFTs and tokens.


If you have any valuable NFTs at all you must buy the ledger hard wallet to give yourself secondary 2FA protection!


This decentralised wallet is one of the most popular for cryptocurrencies and NFTs. This is the go-to wallet for ethereum NFTs.

Math Wallet

This wallet supports over 70 blockchains. You can get a desktop, mobile, and web wallet.

Alpha Wallet

This wallet is for ethereum NFTs and only available on mobiles.

Trust Wallet

A popular mobile-only wallet. It works with finance and ethereum blockchain NFTs.


This is nears wallet for NEAR NFTs.


A simple wallet to manage your NFTs.


This is the go-to wallet for Solana NFTs!

Glow Wallet

A Solana NFT and crypto digital wallet. Swap coins with zero fees. Monitors all your Solana activity from the wallet. Allows NFT market exploration. NFT burn feature. Solana staking inside the wallet. Upload a photo and create an NFT directly on their App.

Originals BRC20 wallet

A wallet that holds BRC20 tokens and BTC NFTs.


A wallet that holds BRC20 tokens and BTC NFTs.


A wallet that holds BRC20 tokens and BTC NFTs.

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