NFT Futures

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Here You Will Find NFT Futures Platforms Where You Can Long Or Short An NFT Collection.

Here You Will Find NFT Futures Platforms Where You Can Long Or Short An NFT Collection.

NFT Futures

Apin Labs

The First NFT Perpetual Futures Protocol On Solana Long and Short floor prices in real time, with leverage.


Our unique global collateral pool allows you to trade on the future price of your favorite NFT. Collections with virtually unlimited liquidity and NO slippage.


Long or short NFTs with leverage in a gamified and familiar user interface.


Prediction Games: Members can earn SOL, Cubist or even DUST by predicting whether they expect the floor of different NFT projects to increase or decrease in the near term.


It’s a decentralized perpetual exchange that supports perpetuals that track the index price of NFT collections. Up to 10x leverage (dependent on the collection), low swap fees and low slippage.
Trade any listed collection up to 10x leverage. Earn passive income (via fees) by providing liquidity. Place a mix of order types (market/limit/stop market)


Long and short NFTs.


Own an NFT and use their crypto futures platform.

NFT Perp

Think you can predict the floor prices for CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Doodles, and other blue-chip NFT projects? NFTs have become a huge part of web3. Whether you’re in it for the tech, the art, or just to be part of the amazing communities, NFTs are here to stay. However, with nftperp, you can now speculate on the floor prices of NFT projects including Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks and more.

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