Real Estate NFTs

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Here You Will Find NFTs With Exposure To The Real Estate And Property Market

Here You Will Find NFTs With Exposure To The Real Estate And Property Market

Real Estate NFTs Listing


Polkacity is a metaverse and they are selling real-world land lots in El Salvador bitcoin city. Own the NFT and you own the real land. They also sell virtual land and residential and commercial property that pay you a weekly income in their native token POLC.


You can buy virtual land in this top metaverse.

Super world

Buy virtual land in this metaverse.


Buy virtual property in their metaverse.


Welcome to Upland, the largest virtual property strategy game mapped to the real world.
Welcome to a whole new world of gaming, where building your empire in a metaverse that’s mapped to the real world, earning real world value, and having fun with virtual real estate is the way to win. In Upland, you have easy access to become a digital landowner, build properties and shops, manufacture cars, and earn UPX coins (which you can convert to cash) while playing. Build, Sell and Earn–All in Upland.

Somnium space

Buy land in their metaverse.


Buy land and property in this top metaverse.

Omni Psi

OMNI Estate Group have made it easy for you to buy
your next property with the fastest growing digital
assets. Stabilize your portfolio’s value with an investment in some of Spain’s most valuable real-estate. Through this partnership we are able to offer the purchase and sale of properties using cryptocurrencies as well as fiat, along with the tokenization of properties for sole or multiple owners.


Invest, sell and manage fractional ownership of anything from a small stake in an art piece, a 10% ownership in a city condo to managing your funds investor interest on our world first plug and play platform.


Experience the breakthrough couple-click home buying via real property NFTs. Propy has invented the world’s first home NFTs. You can list a property as an NFT as well as on MLS. When you buy a property NFT there’s no need for 30 days closing.


For the first time, investors around the globe can buy into the US real estate market through fully-compliant, fractional, tokenized ownership. Powered by blockchain.

Vesta Equity

Global home equity marketplace. Enabling property owners access to the value in their property without loans and property investors the chance to build a portfolio of tokenized fractional residential real estate.

Crypto Slate

A list of real estate coins to invest in.


The world’s top NFT marketplace has a list of all the virtual worlds NFTs.

Fractal Prop

Fractal Property is helping modernize real estate with blockchain, web3 and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). We’re here to educate and develop a global ecosystem whereby all physical real estate is accompanied by a digital token, making property more accessible, efficient, and profitable.
Our live marketplace consolidates physical (not virtual) properties that have NFTs. We offer a range of services to create new forms of real estate transactions and address niches that have been underserved by traditional real estate markets.
Partnering with creative thinkers, real estate owners and companies to create new solutions.

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