Crypto Passive Income Coins

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How to earn passive income in crypto!
What are crypto passive income coins?

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Here (Below) You Will Find Cryptocurrencies That Reward You For Owning Them

Here (Below) You Will Find Cryptocurrencies That Reward You For Owning Them

You can buy certain coins and tokens that pay you to stake (help run the network or add liquidity) them and receive a daily, weekly, or monthly income.

Payouts are usually in the native token you own and stake.

Below you will find POS and node coins, including platforms and websites


One of the best known coins and they have an incredibly easy system to store your coins and receive a passive regular income.


Buy and hold Decred and receive a passive income.


Buy and hold the Pivx privacy coin and receive a regular income.


Reddcoin allows users to tip on social media platforms such as Reddit and Twitter. They also offer a staking process where you can receive 5% a year return.


A decentralised exchange’s where you can earn an income from their privacy focused crypto coin.


Another privacy focused coin that gives you 5% a year return.

KuCoin shares

Kucoin is a token an investor can buy and use on their crypto exchange. They pay you over 5% a year to hold the coin.


Neblio is a secure, decentralised platform where you can stake their coin for a regular payout.

Staking rewards

A website dedicated to learning how to create and find coins and tokens that give a passive income.

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