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Cryptocurrency taxation is quite literally a minefield right now. Many countries are still working out what their stance is on crypto tax and so it is important to keep abreast of these changes before they occur.

If you are an active trader then it is advisable that you use a tax program that can integrate with your preferred trading exchange and so automate your tax liabilities daily, weekly, and monthly. Below you will find many businesses offering this service.

If you are a start-up business in the cryptocurrency or blockchain industry then it is important to look at which jurisdictions are more tax competitive for you and which protection vehicle like a trust, company, or charity etc might best suit your needs.

When looking at your crypto tax liabilities as a whole it is important to keep records of all crypto earnings including


Day trades (similar to stock day trading)


Long term portfolio holdings


Earned crypto from a job or selling a product/service for crypto payment

Mined crypto (rigs and cloud mining)
Airdrops (free crypto)

Forks (Similar to stock splits)


Gifts (being gifted crypto)


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