Cryptocurrency Option Trading Platforms

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Here (below) you will find crypto trading platforms that allow you to trade options

Here (below) you will find crypto trading platforms that allow you to trade options

What is crypto option trading?

Like derivatives, options are contracts that allow a crypto trader to speculate on the future price of an underlying cryptocurrency.

Just like in stock option trading you can bet on the direction of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Crypto options trading involves the use of financial contracts called options in the cryptocurrency market. Options provide traders with the right, but not the obligation, to buy (call option) or sell (put option) a cryptocurrency at a predetermined price (strike price) within a specified timeframe. This strategy allows traders to hedge their positions, speculate on price movements, or generate income by collecting option premiums.

We wish you the best of luck with your cryptocurrency trading!

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Crypto Option Trading Platforms


Crypto options and futures platform. They are licensed in the US and offer bitcoin and ethereum trades 24/7.

FinNexus Options

FinNexus Options makes it easy to buy and exercise BTC, ETH, LINK, SNX, and MKR options.

Premia Finance

Premia’s automated options market enables best-in-class pricing based on realtime supply and demand, bringing fully-featured peer-to-pool trading and capital efficiency to DeFi options.


The Bakkt® Bitcoin Futures and Options contracts offer a fully regulated marketplace for the price discovery of bitcoin. These contracts help support the hedging and risk management requirements for a broad range of institutional market participants.


Trade non-custodial options for profits or to hedge your positions. Enjoy fixed price and unlimited upside of the options contracts. No registration, KYC or email required.

Power Trade

PowerTrade is a simple, fast, mobile-first trading platform for crypto options, futures and more.


Auctus brings on-chain options to the DeFi ecosystem.


Deribit (European-based) is one of the best-known and active European-style crypto option trading platform. Trading made easy. Robust, Reliable and Lightning Fast Cryptocurrency derivatives platform for traders of all backgrounds and trading styles. Institutional grade cryptocurrency derivatives platform leading the crypto options market. High matching engine capacity, low latency, advanced risk management, and high liquidity make Deribit a unique industry player. 99% of all funds are held in cold storage! Automated trading, portfolio management, data analysis, and more. Android and iOS mobile app version available.

Binance Exchange

The world’s largest crypto exchange! A must have crypto platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. This platform is for beginners and professionals alike. Huge liquidity for altcoin trading. Customers can deposit cryptocurrencies and fiat directly into their account. Binance allows deposits by bank transfer and debit cards.

Investors love being able to set stop losses and buy/sell orders while they are not online. You can also play the futures market on bitcoin and a few altcoins. Binance also offer – NFT marketplace, crypto staking (earn an income from your portfolio), a binance VISA card, leveraged trading, and more. Crypto gift card service. Mobile app available.

Delta Exchange

Signup today and receive a large trading bonus and a discount in trading fees. Trade Futures and Options on bitcoin and over 50 altcoins. Buy and sell calls and puts. They offer up to 100X Leverage and also margin trading. Withdrawals are processed with manual review to ensure higher security. Delta also has an OTC crypto trading desk, allow Spot trading, and staking! Singapore-based and backed by well-known crypto businesses. Low Fees.


Receive $10 of bitcoin upon signup today.
OkEx is a world-leading cryptocurrency derivative and spot exchange. They also offer futures, perpetual swaps, margin, and options. You can also stake and earn from your crypto assets. Finally, OkEx offers low interest loans. NFT platform. They also have an iOS and Android mobile trading App.

iQ Option

Trade Cryptocurrencies with IQ Option. Start trading within minutes with the world’s most popular Cryptocurrencies, using their advanced trading tools.
Licensed and regulated since 2014. Buy with one click, free $10,000 paper trading account, 24/7 trading. Start with as little as $1. They also allow Forex, stocks, commodity, and ETF trading!
Mobile trading android and iOS.


Gate has been around since 2013 and one of the fastest growing crypto exchanges in 2021. They are considered one of the most secure exchanges. Gate accepts 20+ fiat currencies using bank transfers, credit and debit cards. Buy, sell, and trade 1000 crypto Altcoins as well as bitcoin. Gate allows spot, margin, leveraged trading and ETFs. Up to 100X leverage for experienced traders. Copy trading from top leadership earners. They have an NFT marketplace, mining income, option trading, loans, lending, and passive income, auctions, and more. They also have an iOS and Android mobile trading App.

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