Cryptocurrency Trading Bots

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Here (below) you will find cryptocurrency trading bots

Here (below) you will find cryptocurrency trading bots

What are trading bots?

A trading bot (simplified) is a software program that interacts directly with financial exchanges.

Bots place buy and sell orders depending on certain algorithms, a set of predefined and pre-programmed commands. Just as in normal stock trading or forex bots, they usually analyze market actions, volume, time, price, orders, etc, and often can be tweaked to suit each trader’s needs and risk appetite.

Due to the cost of creating and programming a bot in the past trading bots were only available to the trading houses and banks. Within the last few years, this has changed and now many retail investors can access advanced trading bots for a fraction of what it would have cost just a few years ago.

Most Crypto trading bots start from as little as $20 a month.

Cryptocurrency trading bots are a fantastic tool for advanced day traders and also just for the average trader that does not have the time to sit in front of the trading screen day in and day out.

Many automated bots allow investors to trade the bitcoin price action passively and far more efficiently than before.

Tips for choosing a good bot

The list below are the main ones used by the masses, but you may wish to look at other ones and it is useful to know what to look for.


How good is the team?


Your bot should be easy to use and run.


What qualifications and level of industry experience do the team members have?

Don’t overpay. You are looking to use a trading bot to save you time and money, don’t overpay for this. If you are new to bots start with the lowest monthly package as nearly always you are allowed to upgrade later on.

Ensure that the bot you get is capable of fulfilling your trading needs.


Always make sure there is a solid support team as you are dealing with a bot that you might need help with setting up or fixing a bug.

Make sure your bot is adaptable to market conditions and also as you progress with your trading knowledge, so too will your needs in what your bot is capable of doing.

Our Trading services

We have professional crypto traders that can help you learn about Technical Analysis (TA) charting, which makes you a more informed trader.

We also help you with which are the best trading platforms to join and if you need it we can also help with the sign-up process and KYC (identification procedure).

Our Crypto consulting services.

Here is a selection of cryptocurrency trading bots available to you, some even offer free trials and paper trading while you tweak the system to work best for your trading needs


Signup today and receive a 30% discount on your bot trading plan. Link Over 30 Exchanges & Wallets including, kucoin, coinbase, Binance, kraken, OKEX, Huobi, and more . Shrimpy connects to all the most popular cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges. Shrimpy is used by institutions, professional, and novice traders. Prices start from $15 per month and they accept PayPal and crypto payments.


One of the most well-known crypto bots with over 30,000 twitter followers. Users can trade on 18 exchanges and automatically get profit using our trading bots, without wasting time on tracking quotes. Earn passive income and autonomously hedge your position with additional daily profits via one of their many award-winning bots. You can skip months of learning by copying the bots and strategies created by other traders.
A paper trading account is also available, so you learn to trade live without losing money, and then when you are ready you can open a live trading account. Price starting from $14.50 Month and you can pay with fiat, credit card, and bitcoin.


Signup bonus of $25 and has been around for a few years. Investors like the simplicity of the bot system that has stripped away all the fluff and kept only the important aspects a bot should have. Mudrex makes it easy for strategy builders to create crypto trading bots on its platform by providing a no-code visual builder. Users can drag and drop over 200 technical indicators and signals, and combine them with different logics to create their trading strategies without writing a single line of code! Moreover, you can integrate the world’s top exchanges in just a few clicks, including Binance, OKEx, FTX and more. Once you create your strategy, you can backtest it across different time-frames and trading pairs to test its performance with historical data. Mudrex also offers paper trading capabilities, where users can test their strategies in the real world without leveraging their crypto. Only when you feel totally confident with your crypto trading bot should you deploy your trading bot and invest in it. You can also publish the crypto trading bot for other users and monetize your strategies. They offer a free and premium option.

4C Trading

Crypto Trading Made Easy. Work smarter, not harder with 4C crypto trading SMART bots and never miss again an opportunity by being in autopilot.
The 4C Trading SMART Bots package offers a complete line of quality services for investors. At the same time it gives you a small edge on the market through automatic trading bots or professional assistance with the settings of your Bots Dashboard. Perfecting an optimal strategy is at all times the objective when dealing with cryptocurrency trading. 4C Trading’s SMART Bots do just that!
You can get a free trial and prices start from $59 per month.


Cryptohopper is a cryptocurrency trading bot that is designed to take your emotions out of trading. Tools without the need for coding. Hopper does not charge any trading fees which is rare. More than 216,793 traders use this bot to trade cryptocurrencies. Build your own strategy bot option. Integrates with these exchanges;
Binance, bitfinex, bittrex, CEX, coindbase pro, cobinhood, cryptopia, HitBTC, Huobi, Kraken, KuCoin, Poloniex, and more. Price starts from $19 Month and you can pay using fiat or cryptocurrencies.

Haasonline bot

Rapidly create, backtest and deploy automated strategies across dozens of cryptocurrency exchanges in minutes. Automate your trading strategies and get back to living life. Monitor in real-time how your crypto trading bots are performing, risk-free, with paper trading. Simulated paper trading helps traders master our automated trading platform and is available for the majority of integrated exchanges. Their bot works on most of the top crypto exchanges and you have to pay using bitcoin. 3 month, 6 month, 1 year payment plans.


Features of crypto exchanges are very limited. It requires a lot of time and tools to execute your trading strategies. Exchange Valet has created an all-in-one platform that saves you time and energy, so you don’t have to spend hours on the computer to trade successfully. They have a very useful bot for active traders looking to set both stop losses and take profit orders at the same time.
Price starts from $29 month and you can try for the first 14 days free.


TradeSanta is a cloud-based software designed to automate your cryptocurrency trading strategy and to make trading accessible to anyone. It’s really easy to automate crypto trading with Santa cryptocurrency trading bot for Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Upbit, Huobi and HitBTC. First, you set up an access point and then you configure bot parameters. You choose a trading pair, crypto bot strategy (long or short), take profit level and other settings. The Wizard guides you through the whole process and TradeSanta Bot templates will help you to dive into automated crypto trading smoothly. Prices start from $14 a month and all new users enjoy a 3-day FREE trial. Payment is with fiat cards and also bitcoin, ether, and ethereum.


Automate your trading and get autopilot passive income. Works with all the major exchanges.
One time payment in bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, and dash for their trading bot.


Designed to be fast and simple to set up and get going and executes trades 24/7. NapBots is a trading bot platform that designs profitable trading strategies and makes them available in a unique marketplace. It also provides automated execution for users on major crypto platforms such as Binance Future, BitMEX, Bitfinex, Kraken, Bitstamp, OKEx or Bitpanda Pro through API connection. They literally have a bot for every aspect of crypto trading! This includes, a DeFi, NFT, platform index bot and DCA, trend bots.
Prices start from $19 month and they also accept crypto payments.


A crypto trading terminal and bot. One Crypto trading platform for everyone. Zignaly have different automation levels to let you choose the one that suits you better. They also have a demo account and prices start from $12 month.

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