Hybrid Crypto Exchanges

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Here (below) is our list of Hybrid Exchanges

Here (below) is our list of Hybrid Exchanges

Centralized exchanges struggle with higher fees, KYC (identification), and hacking issues, while decentralized exchanges struggle with the speed of transactions, price volatility issues, and liquidity.

To address the issues mentioned above, Hybrid crypto exchanges came into being.

Hybrid exchanges take the best of both worlds from CEX and DEX exchanges and eliminate the problems they both face.

What Are The Advantages Of Hybrid Crypto Exchanges?

Hybrid crypto exchanges offer both good liquidities and allow anonymous trading.


Control over funds

Although hybrid exchanges are managed by third- party operators they offer their users more control over their funds.


Anonymity and Regulated

Crypto hybrid exchanges not only offer their users full anonymity but are often regulated.


Secure funds

Crypto funds are not held on hot wallets which makes it much harder for hackers to try to access investor’s holdings.


Transaction speeds

Crypto transaction speeds are fast and transparent.



Scalability in crypto is a very important aspect.

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Hybrid Crypto Exchanges


Safe as a decentralised exchange. Fast as a centralised one.


LGO is the leading digital asset exchange for institutions. With a boutique approach they provide a suite of fully customizable services, best in class technology, and deep liquidity.


They are your home base if you want to setup a hybrid exchange software for your business.

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