Peer To Peer Exchanges

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Here (below) is our List Of Peer-To-Peer Crypto Exchanges

Here (below) is our List Of Peer-To-Peer Crypto Exchanges

Peer-to-peer crypto exchanges simply match a buyer with a seller directly. This means that the exchange is not involved with the other side of the trade.

These exchanges work by matching several sellers who are willing (for example) to purchase your Bitcoin. The result is a seller can get the best possible price for their Bitcoin as they can choose which buyer to trade with. The same goes for buyers getting the best possible buy-in price.

To reduce risks, these exchanges usually offer a Crypto escrow service.

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Peer To Peer Exchanges


An Indian cryptocurrency exchange that is now owned by Binance. Easy-to-use and they have a nice mobile app. The exchange automatically selects a buyer with a seller. They do not charge fees.
They also allow buying, creating, and selling of NFTs on their platform.


Buy and sell digital currencies using over 350 different payment methods. Get your Paxful account to start accepting payments and sending money with 6 million people just like you. Paxful is very easy to use for a beginner. Users can buy bitcoin, ethereum, and USDT using bank transfers, Paypal, Western Union, gift cards, crypto, credit cards, and more. No fee for buying crypto, they charge 1% for selling. Users should ensure they buy from sellers with good feedback and ID verification.

Local Coin Swap

The most popular non-custodial marketplace.
Buy BTC, ETH, DOT, USDT, and more cryptos worldwide using 300+ payment methods. LocalCoinSwap is fast, easy, and private. Get your free wallet & account today. No KYC. They use escrow to protect buyers and sellers. No fees unless you create a buy/sell offer, then they charge 1%.
You can convert bitcoin to cash and trade bitcoin using your local currency by completing trades with local bitcoin traders in your area.


Global P2P Bitcoin trading platform that doesn’t hold funds. Trade globally. No KYC. Using any payment system. For any currency. They charge 0.3% trading fees.


Buy and sell bitcoins everywhere. Near you or around the globe. Trade bitcoins person-to-person in an easy, fast, and secure way. Users can buy using Paypal, cash deposits, and bank transfer. They do not charge buyers and sellers, unless, the user created an advert to buy or sell, then there is a 1% fee.


One of the most popular crypto derivatives exchanges with over 1 million users!
P2P crypto trading, futures, leverage, stake and mining incomes, spot trading, and an NFT marketplace. iOS and Android mobile available.


KuCoin (Singapore-based) became a popular and reliable crypto exchange back in late 2017. It is now a major player offering over 400 crypto trading pairs and having 1 out of 4 crypto holders worldwide using its exchange. KuCoin is very easy to use for beginners. They also have an in-house trading bot that automatically executes specified trades and users can lend their crypto securely and earn interest on over 70 Altcoins. Margin trading, leverage, Spot trading, P2P (zero fees), Futures. Users can load funds (40 fiats supported) – Crypto, PayPal, SEPA, Bank Transfers, Debit and Credit Cards, Apple Pay. Mobile App – iOS and Android available. Only partial KYC needed. A must use exchange to get in early on crypto projects before they hit binance.


Gate has been around since 2013 and one of the fastest growing crypto exchanges in 2021. They are considered one of the most secure exchanges. Gate accepts 20+ fiat currencies using bank transfers, credit and debit cards. Buy, sell, and trade 1000 crypto Altcoins as well as bitcoin. Gate allows spot, margin, leveraged trading and ETFs. Up to 100X leverage for experienced traders. Copy trading from top leadership earners. They have an NFT marketplace, mining income, option trading, loans, lending, and passive income, auctions, and more. They also have an iOS and Android mobile trading App.

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