Crypto Airdrops and Bounties

An Airdrop Is A Crypto Giveaway

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What Are Crypto bounties?
What Is A Crypto Airdrop?

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Here (below) is our list of Airdrop and Bounty websites to help you earn Cryptocurrency

Here (below) is our list of Airdrop and Bounty websites to help you earn Cryptocurrency

Airdrops differ from company to company, but they are usually very easy to earn and Cryptocurrency can often fall from the sky just for taking part. Often airdrops start at the launch of a product for example a cryptocurrency token launch.

Here are some large Cryptocurrency coin companies that launched airdrops in the past










Bitcoin Cash

In the good old days, quality airdrops were automatic. A perfect example was back in 2017 anyone holding Ethereum cryptocurrency automatically had OMG tokens airdropped into their Ethereum wallets for free.

A bounty is very similar to an airdrop but it often requires a user to complete a few quick tasks and in return, they receive a few Cryptocurrency tokens. For this reason, they nearly always pay out more than an airdrop.

However, with automatic airdrops being a rarer event in post-2017/2018 you are now expected to have to earn most (not all) of your airdrops/bounties.

Airdrop hunters may be asked to perform quick tasks in return for a few free tokens. Testing a new Cryptocurrency or Blockchain platform may be rewarded with some free coins. Complete a task, a job, or campaign successfully and you receive a reward.

Usually, these are very simple to complete and they are designed for anyone to take part. Some more advanced bounties may involve coding and obviously pay more. An example of this was Coinbase paying out a $30,000 reward for a single bug bounty.

A simple bounty campaign may require


Forum campaigns


Video or Blog content


Social Media campaigns


Translation campaigns


Bug bounties


Play a game


Today to receive an airdrop you might be required to perform a few social media tasks. Join a Telegram channel, watch a video or follow a project on Twitter.

One final word of warning when participating in a bounty or airdrop. Do not give anyone your private keys and never EVER pay to take part, they are always free so you make money not spend it! Please stay safe out there.

Crypto Airdops and Bounties

Explore bounties network

Complete a task and get paid in Cryptocurrency.


List of current and legitimate cryptocurrency airdrops. Pay outs are in cryptocurrency.

Airdrop Bob

Complete task and receive cryptocurrency as a reward.


Complete a variety of task and in return you get paid out in cryptocurrency.

Coin Airdrops

Offers free bitcoin, Ethereum, lite coin and dogecoin after completing set tasks.

Cocor ICOs

Complete all the actions of your preferred airdrops and receive your free tokens.


Get alerts in your email about the newest and most profitable Airdrops.

Bounty Hub

Take part in airdrops from the latest ICOs.

Free airdrop

Get paid after you complete a task.

Binance airdrop

Binance has started to list airdrops.

Freecoins 24

Claim your free crypto airdrops by following simple steps explained in every ICO listed.


Large list of airdrops and to choose from. They also have a crypto bounty section.

Airdrops Live

They have a very large list of airdrops which payout after you complete the tasks.

Airdrop Guru

Step-by-step guides on how to complete a task and receive your free cryptocurrency.


Bitcoin forks and airdrops.


Claim bounties and get paid in Bitcoin.


Trade your unused SMS, watch and engage in-App content and earn cryptocurrency.


The world’s Dapp store. Discover, track and trade everything DeFi, NFT and gaming. Industry news, Airdrops, token swaps, and portfolio management.

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