Blockchain And Crypto Social Media Platforms

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We really love this aspect of the Cryptocurrency and blockchain sector.

Imagine getting paid to tweet or post on social media platforms. Imagine posting a video and having others pay you directly per video for your content.

Cryptocurrency social media platforms already do this, and people are making a fantastic R.O.I on their time and videos posted.

View Our List Below And Post And Earn Cryptocurrencies!


3speak protects your content and tokenises the community.
3speak is a place where content creators directly own their onsite assets and their communities. 3speak is censorship resistant and can not take your assets away or delete your communities. By using the platform, users get rewarded in HIVE tokens and can receive donations. The more tokens you hold, the more privileges you have in the eco system. Additionally, the more tokens you hold, the more say you have over the governance of the platform and where it goes in the future.

SoMee Social

A Blockchain-powered social media website very similar to Facebook.
You can create your own profile, create groups and post videos and chat.
They have their own token that runs the network and rewards users with upvotes.


Hive is a global membership community for leaders committed to creating a better world. All paying members of Hive have access to the Hive Social Network.


Peakd runs on top of a community ran, un-owned, decentralised project called Hive.


Steemit is a blockchain-based blogging and social media website which rewards its users with the cryptocurrency STEEM for publishing and curating content.


Dlive is a video live streaming service. Dlive operates using a blockchain for its servers and donation system.


Dtube is a decentralised video platform built on top of the Steel blockchain. Dtube is decentralised, crypto incentive, resistant to censorship, claimed fair platform, free of advertising.


Scorum is a sports blogging platform that gives rewards to its active users using cryptocurrency. They also offer zero-fee fantasy sports, advertising, and commission-free betting.


Mamby is a platform that allows users to post their content including images, video and text. The platform rewards users by paying them in Bitcoin depending on how many page reviews the post receives.


Appics is a social media and e-commerce application based on blockchain technology, that rewards users for creating and curing content.


Society2 is a decentralised social media project that aims to let users regain control of their data and enable IOTA node owners to run their own social media sites or apps.


Flatlay is a community where brands and creatives connect. Flatlay matches the right creatives and brands with one another based on mutual audiences. The community supports members to get hired by brands while helping you earn from any sales made.


Bitchute is an alternative to YouTube. It is a social video-hosting platform.

Honest Cash

Honest is a content publishing platform that makes sharing and monetising content and data smarter, better and faster. It is powered by Bitcoin cash.


Memo cash is a blockchain based social media platform on the blockchain of Bitcoin Cash. You get tipped for your content.


Minds is a free and open source distributed social networking service that uses the blockchain to reward the community with ERC20 tokens. Users can use their tokens to promote their content or to crowdfund others through monthly subscriptions to their exclusive content and services.


Voice is a social media platform that empowers communities, champion realness, and respects user data. By requiring identity authentication and limiting one account per person, voice aims to create a new and trusted social experience, free from bots and fake accounts.


Sapien is the web3 social network of the future. We are building an Ethereum-based social media platform that will reward content creators, put users back in control of their data, and fight fake news.


SocialX is a community-driven social media platform allowing users to publish photo and video content. It is similar to Facebook and Instagram, but it is a decentralised blockchain platform where everyone can earn cryptocurrency SOCX token rewards.


Ubby is a social commerce platform that allows users to share products with friends and followers and get sales rewards automatically.


Lbry is a sharing platform that uses blockchain technology to enable users to publish material and get paid for doing so. People using LBRY’s service can monetise their published material with its built-in payment system.


Uptrennd is for bloggers, photographers, videographers, musicians, podcasters, self-aficionados. Users are rewarded with upvotes.

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