Paid Crypto Surveys

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Here you will find a list of companies that pay you in crypto for helping them with surveys

Here you will find a list of companies that pay you in crypto for helping them with surveys


Take surveys and earn bitcoin. They match you with brands and research firms doing customer research. Answer their surveys to earn bitcoin.


Complete surveys, watch videos, complete small tasks, refer people to their site in exchange for bitcoin.


Survey time rewards users with $1 per completed survey. They have a very simple platform where you take a survey and are paid instantly once the survey is completed. You need to request your payout in bitcoin.

Points Prizes

A very well know survey platform with an easy to use app too. You will earn up to $5 per survey. Watch videos, sign up to contests, download apps, play games, etc and select bitcoin as a payout method.


This is one of the largest survey sites in the world for earning free bitcoin. Install apps, watch videos, take surveys, and more. You can play games on their site using your bitcoin rewards and win back even more bitcoin. They even allow you to keep your coins on their platform and earn 5% APY.

Earn Crypto

A cryptocurrency website dedicated to helping people earn crypto. Answer surveys, download apps, complete tasks.

Darwin’s Data

They are a US-based research survey company. It takes 30 minutes to sign up and it is known for legal focused surveys. You receive $25 per survey completed and although they do not pay out directly with bitcoin, you can use their Tango reward card to purchase bitcoin.

Get Paid

This platform is available to all people worldwide. Fill out surveys, transcribe text, watch videos, and get paid in bitcoin.

Grab Points

Advertisers pay gap points for engagement of their users. Take surveys, download apps, play games, watch videos, and request to be paid in bitcoin.

Bitcoin Get

Earn bitcoin with every task you complete and receive payment within hours. Take surveys, watch videos, complete tasks.

Creative jobs

Take online surveys with them and request payment in bitcoin. They also allow their users to offer services on a short-term basis. Tutoring, translate a document, typing gigs, and more.


Earn instant rewards by completing tasks, watching videos and taking surveys. Request payment in bitcoin.