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Finally with NFTs you can have your cake and eat it!
Yes, you can own fun digital art that actually pays you money to diamond hand (HODL) it.

Currently, There Are Nine Popular Methods To Earn Money From Your NFT

NFTs have made many investors and creators wealthy. This article explains how you can create NFT artwork to sell online.

If you are a digital artist, creating an art NFT is a great way to showcase and fund your work. NFT creators looking to create an actual NFT collection need to look at more complex issues such as:

  • Where to sell your NFT
  • How to mint your NFT
  • How to market your NFT
  • Why investors will buy your NFTs (value/uniqueness)
  • Which blockchain network/s to use
  • Legals
  • Team
  • Banking
  • Royalties
  • And more

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Our Step by step guide to creating a cheap or FREE NFT to sell to the public

Step One


As with anything, you need to do some research. Learn more about NFTs and the people that invest in them. You should look to find your target audience and then create your art piece for these buyers.

Some artists have had fantastic luck becoming known in a niche NFT art sector. The more you know your customers, the better your chance of selling your NFT.

It is well worth researching your competition and seeing where and how much they are selling their digital artwork for.

We have created 52 different NFT sections in our NFT directory to help with your research and learn more about the NFT industry.

Step Two

NFT Transaction Fees And Blockchain Network

First, you need to decide which blockchain you wish to create and sell your NFT on.

The Ethereum network is the most popular NFT blockchain, where the majority of NFT sales occur.

Solana is the newest and second most popular NFT network to consider.

You can also look at Cardano, NEAR, Polkadot, Binance blockchains.

We suggest picking one of the two most popular blockchains to start with, and you can always sell your next NFT across multiple chains.

For now, it is best to keep the process simple.

Ethereum NFTs

While this blockchain was not the first to host NFTs, it was the first large blockchain to popularise valuable NFTs. Some NFTs on the Ethereum network sell for millions of dollars.

What Are The Pros Of Ethereum NFTs?

  • The most popular NFT network
  • The most liquidity to help sell your NFT
  • The highest prices for NFTs
  • The highest exposure to potential investors
  • The largest infrastructure and development tools
  • Largest, high volume NFT marketplaces
  • The most apps and developers in the space
  • Decentralised

What Are The Cons Of Ethereum NFTs?

  • The cost of transaction fees can make buying and selling NFTs on the Ethereum network expensive. If you are selling your first NFT cheaply, then the cost of fees will add to your sales price, making it more costly for less affluent buyers.
  • Competition. Being the most popular NFT network, there are more NFT creators and sellers. You will need to make your art stand out!
  • Slow network transaction speeds when the network is busy.

As an artist just starting, you must decide if you can make your NFT affordable. If you are creating unique and highly athletically pleasing NFT artwork, then the Ethereum NFT marketplace is perfect for premium art.

Where To Sell Your Ethereum NFT?

Although there are many NFT marketplaces you can list on (and you should explore them all), the most popular/high-volume platform is OpenSea.

To help you upload and list your NFT on OpenSea, see their how-to guide.

OpenSea have also created a help center for users.

Solana (SOL) NFTs

The Solana NFT marketplace is currently hot on the heals of the Ethereum network. The cost of transactions make it perfect for first time creators as well as first time buyers.

We are also starting to see some big sales on the Solana network, with Okay Bears and DeGods leading the way.

What Are The Pros Of Solana NFTs?

  • Fast Network
  • Increasing new customer base
  • Cheap transaction fees
  • Affordable bluechip NFTs
  • Higher room for growth

What Are The Cons Of Solana NFTs?

  • Less liquidity
  • Less volume
  • Network issues and shutdowns

The main Solana NFT marketplace is Magic Eden.

How To create A Solana NFT

Here is a guide to creating a Solana NFT

Step Three

How to find talent to create an NFT, or create your own

The cheapest method is to use Fivrr to find someone affordable to create an NFT for you.

If you are a digital artist, you can create your own NFT or use an NFT showroom and gallery platform.

These platforms will help you generate an NFT to sell.

How much does it cost to create an NFT?

Most NFT sales platforms let you create and upload your NFT for free. They make a commission on the sale.

Step Four

Where to list and sell your NFT

On many platforms, when you upload your NFT for sale, you can set the sales price, the network you wish to sell on, and the royalty fees you receive on subsequent future sales.

We suggest looking through all the platforms beforehand and deciding which one you prefer.

Here is a list of all the NFT platforms you can create and list your NFT on.

Creating an NFT

NFT showrooms and galleries

NFT marketplaces

We wish you the best of luck on your NFT journey!

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