Income NFTs

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Here you will find NFTs that offer investors a passive income.

Here you will find NFTs that offer investors a passive income.

Would you like to earn a passive income from owning an NFT?

Income NFT

Axie Infinity

One of the most popular NFT P2E games. You can battle other players and also breed new creatures. You can stake your axie tokens and earn a passive income.


This is one of the largest metaverse games that you can buy NFTs for the game. Players can earn points and win NFTs and wearables that can then be sold for a profit. You can develop a play-to-earn game inside Decentraland and make money. Real businesses also hire people to work inside the game. Buy an NFT and create an online virtual shop.


There are several ways to earn an income from Sandbox. Buy land NFTs and rent them out to others, including, spaces for entertainment, business, and advertising. You can also sell things to others, complete tasks, and stake your SAND tokens for a passive income.

Gala Games

You can create a game and earn an income from the users. Investors can also purchase a Gala Node and get paid a passive return in return for supporting the ecosystem.

Cyber Kongz

Buy a Kongz NFT and earn a passive income.

Famous Fox

Buy a famous fox NFT and earn a passive income.

Band Royalty

Their NFTs are connected to the real world of music. Earn from top-performing music artists royalties, and stake them to mine BSTAGE governance tokens.


Get rewarded for your fabulous creations. Users can design and mint their own NFTs to be used in the MOMOverse. Original creators receive lifetime trading fees for their NFT creations.


Loan out your NFTs for fixed fees and durations.

Looks Rare

When you buy their native LOOKS token you will receive a daily income from their NFT trading fees platform.

When Staking

Use their platform to stake your NFTs and receive an income. Yield-earning NFTs.


Borrow crypto by using your NFTs as collateral. Buy, trade, and borrow against your NFTs.

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