NFT Custodial Services

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Here You Will Find NFT Custodial Services To Store NFTs Safely

Here You Will Find NFT Custodial Services To Store NFTs Safely

NFT Custodial Services

Hex Trust

Unlock the full potential of digital assets with Hex Safe™, a highly secure, scalable and compliant bank-grade platform. Safeguard your investments including NFTs, participate in DeFi, and integrate digital assets into your business operations using institutional-grade infrastructure.


Digital asset custody. Store your precious crypto funds and NFTs in full security with our enterprise custody solutions. We also support trading APIs to get the maximum out of your stored funds.
Need a solution to store fungible and/or non-fungible tokens? Do you want to link it to distribution, trading or staking tools? Our custodian wallets are 100% secure. Fun fact, they’re used by Greenpeace to manage donations.


Vault grade security that safeguards your digital assets.


They offer secure, and insured digital asset NFT custody. Delchain’s custody solution allows clients to protect their digital photos, videos, and audio files in their cold storage platform.

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