NFT Profit Calculators

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Here You Will Find Calculators To Help You Value NFTs

Here You Will Find Calculators To Help You Value NFTs

NFT Calculators


This is opensea’s NFT profit calculator.


You connect your NFT wallet to this site and it calculates all current NFT project floor prices against a NFT holder sold at highlighting all your losses.

Nifty Kit

Calculate your potential earnings in ETH or USD using their NFT artist calculator. Use this information to plan your NFT collection to ensure it is profitable.

NFT Valuation

Our NFT Valuation calculator is able to determine the potential valuation of a given NFT project or collection by using relative valuation.


Type in an NFT collection, add attributes like royalties and this calculator will take into account the gas and service fees of opensea. They also have a chrome extension.

Nifty Profits

A free NFT profit calculator.

Crypto Tax Calculator

Covers NFT trading calculations.

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