What Is FinTech And DeFi?

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FinTech technology is the technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional financial methods. It simply aims to use technology to improve activities in finance.

DeFi is decentralized finance and aims to remove the middle man in financial transactions and utilise P2P technology.

Below are some great websites that help you understand more about FinTech and DeFi

Tech Premium Domains

This is our spending crypto sister website that has a large list of FinTech, DeFi, Ai, robotics tech news and resource sites.

The street

A large finance and investment news platform. They have a fabulous article explaining what FinTech is.


A go-to website for information.


A site dedicated to the finTech industry.


An online finTech magazine.

FinTech weekly

A finTech website with weekly finch news.


A detailed explanation of DeFi.

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