NFT Calendars And Why All NFT Investors Should Use One

NFT calendar platforms are the best place to find new NFT projects coming out.

What Is An NFT Calendar?

An NFT calendar is an online platform that helps NFT investors find up-and-coming NFT drops, mints, and events.

These platforms usually feature an overview of an NFT collection, its rating, NFT launch release date or drop schedule, which blockchain, and NFT category.

Why Do NFT Investors Need An NFT Calendar?

Once you have explored the NFT space, you will quickly discover how many NFT collections there are and how many new NFT projects go live each week. It is time-consuming to keep up with all this information and not miss an NFT mint.

An NFT calendar is the perfect time-saving NFT organizer! You can research NFT projects, find the ones you like, and use the calendar to ensure you never miss a mint again.

NFT Calendars organise NFT drops into:

  • Today
  • Past
  • Ongoing
  • Newest
  • Upcoming
  • Verified
  • Doxed

It makes it easier for NFT investors to search through hundreds of projects and find one of interest.

NFT calendars are a great place to narrow down your NFT research. Most projects have a bio summing up what they offer investors, as-well-as social media accounts to follow and help with more deep-dive information.

These platforms allow you to narrow your search into specific categories and blockchains.

For example:

You can choose which blockchain the NFT is on. You can choose an Ethereum-based NFT, a Polygon, Solana, Cardano, and more.

Once you have decided which blockchain you want to buy your NFT on you can choose which category.

For example:

  • Art
  • Auction
  • Collectible
  • Charity
  • DeFi
  • Free mint
  • Gaming
  • Metaverse
  • P2E
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Rewards

And many others.

Finally, once you have decided which NFT calendar platforms you prefer, you should sign up for their notification email or newsletter to keep on top of new projects.

How To Use An NFT Calendar As A Creator

NFT calendars are extremely useful for NFT collection creators. You gain exposure to your project from thousands of potential investors. You can create a project bio to inform people about your project and the value and utilities you offer. NFT calendar platforms will also privately verify you, which helps increase confidence in your project not becoming a rug.

Before choosing which calendars to list with, you need to see how large and active their audience is and any costs involved.

NFT Calendar Discord Bot

For NFT projects and teams, you can add an NFT calendar discord bot to your discord space.

The most popular bot for discord communities is NFT Calendar.

The Five Best NFT Calendars For Creators And Investors

They were the first calendar and the go-to platform for investors and creators. It has a large audience, and its interface is easy to use.
Magic Eden is the largest and most popular Solana-focused NFT marketplace. They also list Ethereum NFT collections. They have an NFT minting calendar.
This is one of the best NFT platforms. They have NFT guides and news as well as an NFT calendar. You can search for NFTs across multiple blockchains and categories.
This NFT platform shows you all the upcoming NFT art collections. You can search using date, blockchain, and the number of Twitter and discord followers.
It was the first platform to offer an iOS and Android app NFT drop calendar from all blockchains. Their app offers a reminder notification of the projects you like.
Visit our NFT calendar directory to find a list of all the top platforms that offer calendars.
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