Web3 Consulting

I have been in the crypto space since 2017, and involved in NFTs since Feb 2021.

I am the owner and founder of





A free web3 social and business networking site and directory. We help crypto and NFT UK-focused businesses and projects network to gain traction across Britain.

I am also a co-founder of

FOMO Magazine

A free web3 industry magazine highlighting projects and news in the NFT and crypto space.

I am available for consulting with businesses and individuals.


Individual consulting

I enjoy discussing this business sector and am happy to help new investors understand and navigate this sector safely.


For web3 projects

I am available as a consultant and advisor. I will inform you about this space and keep you updated with new developments. I am connected with large NFT and crypto investors, which helps me understand where the money is flowing to (trends) and what people are looking at.

For NFT and Crypto investors, our consultations aim to help new investors enter this space armed with as much knowledge as possible. We want you to fully understand the basics of the crypto or NFT market (as a whole) and avoid the most common mistakes investors make. The more knowledge you have, the better your chances are of success!

For businesses, we help you understand what crypto and NFT investors are interested in and how to tailor your project to your audience.

Contact me and please be specific with what your needs are.

For NFT business consulting we have teamed up with FOMO Magazine.

Would you like to learn more about the Crypto investment space? We are here to help

This service is to help beginners understand more about the general crypto market sector


Are you interested in understanding more about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?


What they are and why billionaires and entrepreneurs are embracing this new asset class?


Would you like to know how to invest safely in this new asset class?

Speak directly to one of our experienced cryptocurrency consultants who are here to help you navigate this often slightly confusing (yet rewarding) investment sector. Ask us anything you want to know about the Cryptocurrency investment space.

Our consultations are aimed at helping new investors enter the crypto market armed with as much knowledge as possible, thereby minimising any investing mistakes and improving your potential to make a profitable trade.

We help you understand the basics of the crypto market as a whole. How to buy and sell crypto, and store your crypto safely.

We want you to avoid the mistakes many investors made when they entered the crypto market in 2017.

The good news is today, the crypto market is far larger, more developed, and safer than it used to be.

There is more to bitcoin and altcoin investing than simply purchasing a few coins, although this is often the first stage to start.

You can gain exposure to cryptocurrency and blockchain companies in a multitude of ways.

How to gain exposure in not just directly buying Cryptocurrency, but having a more diversified and balanced approach.

More complicated cryptocurrency investments we help you with

Lending platforms

Cryptocurrencies can be lent out for a daily, weekly and monthly return on cryptocurrency lending platforms.

Angel investments

This could be early stage seed money for a start-up.

Bitcoin mining

Mining can be done using an actual mining rig and GPU, or cloud mining on a website.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency options

There are websites that allow option trading (similar to stocks) on the price direction of bitcoin and some select altcoins.


There are a few blockchain and cryptocurrency mining companies that are listed on the US stock exchanges.

Cryptocurrency and bitcoin domain names

Some investors have made a great deal of money buying domain names in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector. For example www.cryptonews.com sold for $50,000 and some crypto domains sold for over a million dollars.

Start-up investments

There are ICO’s and STO’s (very similar to IPO’s) investments where money has been invested in start-up blockchain and cryptocurrency companies.

Cryptocurrency staking

There are some altcoins that can be staked. Staking involves holding a certain coin/token in a designated digital wallet to support the security and operations of a blockchain network. Staking is simply an arrangement to lock in a number of your cryptocurrency to receive a reward. Rewards are usually paid out on a regular basis as a percentage of an investors holdings. Think compound interest. Each staking coin has a separate wallet.

NFT Consulting Enquiry Form

    More Crypto and NFT Services

    Ask us anything you wish about crypto and NFTs. You choose the topic, and we provide the information!

    Basic Market Conditions and currency sentiment

    We will talk to you about the current market conditions and what is going on as a whole in the crypto market. This is useful as it may help you decide when and how to enter this investment sector.

    Portfolio Management

    We look at what you wish to achieve, your risk tolerance, and how to best balance your investment portfolio to maximise gains and minimise losses.

    This is not financial advice, but we will tell you how to protect your downside, re-balance your portfolio, gain exposure to the top crypto projects and which tokens the Billionaires and investment funds are purchasing.

    General knowledge

    Ask us anything you wish to know about the crypto market. We will help you understand the basics of this market and how best to invest in it.