NFT Portfolio Management

Learn How To Keep Track Of Your Entire NFT Portfolio And Its Value!

NFT Portfolio Trackers Are Designed To Make Investing Easier

Anyone investing in NFTs should have at least one simple-to-use NFT portfolio tracking system.

A good portfolio tracker will help an NFT investor keep their portfolio organised, even across multiple blockchains and wallets.

When investing in multiple NFTs, especially across chains like Ethereum and Solana, you need an NFT management system.

What Are The Benefits Of An NFT Tracker?

1. NFT Organisation

As your NFT portfolio grows, you will find it harder to track which NFT’s you own and each NFTs current value. It is not uncommon for an NFT investor to own 100-plus NFTs.

2. Cross Chain NFT Tracking

As blockchains evolve and the NFT market matures, we shall see hundreds of thousands of NFT collections available to invest in.

NFT investors are already purchasing NFTs on the Binance, Solana, Ethereum, and NEAR blockchains, to name but a few.
An NFT tracker will track all your NFTs across all blockchains neatly and simply on one portfolio app.

Many NFT management systems work on your smartphone! Get notifications if one of your NFT values drops while you are away from your computer.


Download a free NFT tracker. Although you may wish to upgrade to a premium NFT portfolio tracker, later on. To begin with, you can use a free one!

5. NFT Research

Some trackers provide a variety of NFT tools to help you research NFT collections and even purchase them directly from your portfolio manager.
NFT management systems show you the value of your entire NFT collection from their interface.

You should see the overall (live) value of your entire NFT collection and a breakdown of the profit and losses of the NFTs connected to your portfolio.

  • Valuation of entire portfolio
  • Profit
  • Loss
  • Initial outlay spent
  • ROI – return on investment
  • Breakdown holdings Chart
  • Performance of each individual NFT held
Most portfolio trackers have built-in tax reporting to make it easier for you to report your profit and loss.

8. NFT Explorer

Some NFT management systems have a search option where you can see NFT statists and collections to invest in.
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