The Top 7 Bitcoin Documentaries

Learn what bitcoin is the fun way!

One of the best ways for a beginner to understand Bitcoin is to watch the top bitcoin documentaries.

These documentaries are both entertaining and informative. By the end, you will understand what bitcoin is and why the billionaires are buying it.

Here are our Top 7 Bitcoin documentary picks

1. Banking On Bitcoin

1 Hour 22 Minutes

The first bitcoin documentary on our list is one of the most detailed and well-known. It discusses bitcoin in great depth and explains that bitcoin is really just an accounting system without a central issuer.

2. Bitcoin: Beyond The Bubble

35 Minutes

Forget the bitcoin hype, this video discusses why bitcoin is the next evolution of a new payment system.

3. The Bitcoin Gospel

48 Minutes

Listen to multiple experts discuss Bitcoin and why they like it.

4. Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution

55 Minutes

This is one of the best bitcoin documentary for beginners.

5. Cryptocurrency The Future Of Money

29 Minutes

This bitcoin documentary discusses bitcoin and how it is used.

6. Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know It

1 Hour

This bitcoin documentary covers the traditional money system and how bitcoin is disrupting it.

7. Bitcoin: Shape The Future

45 Minutes

This is the first Chinese documentary on Bitcoin.

Bonus Video: The Future Of Money (Ted)

15 Minutes

This is a fantastic short 15-minute video by Ted and how programable money (cryptocurrency) bypasses the middlemen.

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